Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Fort Worth Ruling Oligarchy's Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's Citizens Advisory Committee

A few minutes ago, someone claiming to be one of Fort Worth's potential next mayor's ex-girlfriends, sent me a link to a page on the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle website, telling me she thought I might find it interesting.

I find a lot of things interesting. What I found when I went to this link was more bizarre than interesting. Okay, maybe it was interestingly bizarre.

The page in question on the TRVB website is titled "Citizens Advisory Committee."

Under the heading "Citizens Advisory Committee" there is a paragraph describing the goal of this advising committee made up of citizens.....

To assure that each element of the Trinity River Vision project is designed and delivered with the needs and wants of the community in mind, an advisory board was created to provide the project partners with direction and feedback throughout the project timeline.

Well, now, is that not a fascinating thing? A committee of 64 citizens has been created to make sure that each and every element of the Trinity River Vision project is done with the needs and wants of the community in mind. Giving direction and feedback.

Was it this committee who got feedback from the Fort Worth community indicating the people of Fort Worth desperately wanted the world's premiere wakeboarding lake? Is this the answer I have long sought, as to how this goofy lake, which few will use, came to be?

I recognize some of the names on the committee.

Kenneth Barr. Didn't he used to be mayor? Then go to work for Chesapeake Energy? Well, it is only fair that you have some people who are members of the Fort Worth Ruling Oligarchy on this committee.

Kathleen Hicks. Isn't she a Fort Worth Councilwoman? Well, it's only fair that you include some people already in office on a committee of citizens helping direct something you already have input into, due to the office you've been elected to.

Melody Johnson. The disgraced Fort Worth Independent School District Superintendent. It seems fair to include an ordinary citizen like this on such a committee. Now that she is resigning as Superintendent is Melody keeping on this important committee helping guide the TRV Boondoggle? From what I've read, Ms. Johnson is a bit of a boondoggle expert. She is likely quite helpful.

Betsy Price. Now, that seems a sensible pick of an ordinary citizen for such a committee. I think Ms. Price is currently some sort of tax collector for Tarrant County. And I believe she is the Fort Worth Ruling Oligarchy's pick to be Fort Worth's next mayor.

Danny Scarth. Another highly regarded Fort Worth City Councilman. And ordinary citizen. Excellent choice, TRV.

Andy Taft. Why I get email from Andy Taft. He's the president or czar or something of the Downtown Fort Worth Association. I'm glad the TRV picked people with absolutely no vested interest in the TRV project to be on this committee.

Julie Wilson. The very last name on the list, due to her name starting with a "W." I think Julie Wilson is some sort of shill for Chesapeake Energy. Makes sense to have a shill for Chesapeake on a citizen's committee helping make sure that the concerns of all the citizens of Fort Worth are taken in to account.

Are there records kept of this committee's meetings? Can one find out what input they have given to the TRV project?

Are any of the people who's property has been taken, or will be taken, by eminent domain, on this list of citizens?

This makes two extremely goofy things from the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle in one day. I think the boondoggle is accelerating.

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Sarah R said...

Have you ever experienced design by committee? I have and do on an almost daily basis. I am a UI designer.Just your list of committee members gives me shivers and nearly makes me feel faint!

Thankfully I have never worked for 64 business owners at one time. I can't imaging the TRV boondoggle will cost anything less than 3x the allotted amount simply because there are 64 cooks in the kitchen and each one will without no doubt insist on adding their own vegetable, so to speak.

Reminds me of US Congressmen and Senators adding their riders (i.e. $$$) to bills to get what they want. Is that how the TRV is getting federal funding?