Sunday, May 23, 2010

Walking In The Tandy Hills Emerald Forest Thinking Of Dinosaur Valley & Turner Falls

We are deep in the Tandy Hills Emerald Forest Jungle in the picture. It sort of looks like a Washington Olympic Rain Forest. Without moss. Or moose, elk, deer or bear.

My low blood pressure dizziness continues. My favorite West Texas Witch Doctor prescribed more salt for me.

When Gar the Texan returns from learning to play football in Italy he's going to go hiking with me.

Some time ago I recollect Gar the Texan telling me he had never gone on a hike. I remember, at the time I heard that, that it struck me as such a sad thing.

So, I drove the boy down to what, at that point in time, was the best place I'd found to hike in Texas, that being Dinosaur Valley.

I was a little apprehensive regarding hiking with Gar the Texan, due to the fact that every time we'd gone on a bike ride he developed a very serious case of the vapors, with only one of those vapors incidents making sense to me, because Gar had had one of the most spectacular bike wrecks I'd ever witnessed, flying over the handlebars and doing a tuck and roll.

It was quite an athletic spectacle.

Followed by a bad case of the vapors. Gar had to stay stationary while I retrieved vehicular transport to rescue him.

There had been another pre-Dinosaur Valley type hiking excursion, that I did not think of as being a hiking destination, but it turned into one. This was at Turner Falls Park in early January. Gar the Texan had had a bad case of the vapors attack on the way to Turner Falls, but, by the time we were there, he was a rock climbing, cave exploring, trail hiking maniac, with no more vapor attacks.

Gar the Texan's hiking at Dinosaur Valley surprised me. For one thing, there is a rather strenuous climb up a cliff. The hike is several miles. By the time we came to a junction, that led back to where we started, I pointed out some trails and said those are mountain biking trails on which it is very easy to get lost. Gar wanted to go hike them! But I was hungry and had had enough hiking for the day.

Anyway, I'm sitting here feeling dizzy. I made burgers and mashed spuds for lunch. Salt went into the spuds. So much for my West Texas Witch Doctor's prescription.


Gar said...

Although the stories you state are true. The term "vapors" is sort of misleading.

To that end, I will educate.

I have had Type I Diabetes now for 30 years. These particular excursions happened 10 years ago.

When my blood sugar goes low I lose the ability to think clearly. Shortly thereafter I lose the ability to walk in a straight line. Shortly thereafter, I pass out.

These "vapors" occur at stage 2. I sit down with a dazed look on my face until someone feeds me sugar (or in the case of Turner Falls we stop at Burger King). 15 minutes later I'm energized again. Rinse and repeat.

For the last 3 years I have had no repeat performances of "the vapors".

I believe Durango's dizzy spells are a karma reaction. Showing the boy some empathy.

Durango said...

Garbolonia---Your vapors credibility suffers due to your erroneous information.

You said the referenced excursions took place 10 years ago.

10 years ago I lived in Haslet and did not know you. The excursions to which you refer took place in 2002 and 2003.

Now, I can not help but wonder if you are also erroneous about this whole diabetes thing.

If the vapors are caused by diabetes why have you had no incidents for 3 years, one can't help but wonder? Have you been miraculously cured of your diabetes?

Gar said...

Haha. You are correct. My information was erroneous.

I did a "10 year approximation". I do that when I either don't want people to know or don't want to look up the exact time line. It's a lazy thing when I believe the details are not that important. 7 or 8 is close enough to 10 kind of thing. I round up to the nearest decade.

3 years ago I purchased a water proof insulin pump. It's caused me great joy and happiness. Or as much great joy and happiness as an expensive machine required to live can bring.

And technically I think it was more like 30 months ago...

And I've had diabetes for 30 years and 8 months. :) I guess I rounded down to the nearest decade.

Durango said...

Garthomania---Your ability to obfuscate and rationalize is a wonder to behold.

How come you didn't get the water pump long ago if this miracle machine is able to cure the vapors?

Anyway, I'm glad you found a cure for the vapors. Each of the times I witnessed an attack was one of the more unsettling things I've partaken in, particularly the attack that ended with a Whopper at Burger King. You turned a very unnatural color during that attack and were speaking gibberish.