Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tandy Hills Ruts Up Thanksgiving

No. You are not looking at one of those weird, mysterious designs that appear without explanation in some farmer's field.

I know what made this design. Some idiot drove over the very slack, very low to the ground cable that serves as a very lame fence, separating View Street from the entry to the Tandy Hills Natural Area.

Two days ago this latest damage had yet to appear. How is someone doing this? It's in plain view of several houses.

On my last hike on the Tandy Hills I showed you a picture of the ruts made by someone driving some off-road device where he or she should not. Today, looking at the same ruts, I realized the rut-maker had continued on, heading south on the main trail that leads to other Tandy Hills trails. Apparently the rut-maker realized the mud was sticky and so when he/she came to subsequent muddy areas he/she simply careened off into the prairie, making a new trail.

The rut-maker is playing a very dangerous game. Unless he/she knows the Tandy Hills well he/she might quickly find he/she to be in a very perilous situation, careening down a ravine, like the Hapless Haunted Van Man who hit the Witchey Tree, with a dead girl friend the result.

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Galen said...

Aw, man, I hate to see that damage to Tandy Hills. It's one of my favorite places in Fort Worth (and my coonhound Banjo LOVES to hike there, because he thinks he's really hunting).