Monday, November 23, 2009

Riding The Horse With The 2 Amigos To Wal-Mart To Get A Turkey Fryer Picture

A few minutes ago I drove to my nearby Wal-Mart Supercenter to get some vittles. Vittles means food items.

My route to Wal-Mart goes down a 4 lane boulevard called John T. White Road. It's got a wide median between the lanes.

This afternoon there were 3 amigos riding their horses on the John T. White Road median.

Is median the right word? My brain is being fuzzy right now.

The horse on the right was way too frisky, darting back and forth. I was concerned the horse would dart out on the road.

I remember previous recessions, recessions that were supposedly not as bad as the current one. During the previous recessions you would notice a big difference in customers in stores, as in way fewer of them. This afternoon Wal-Mart was a madhouse of people buying stuff, carts loaded. I do not remember a previous recession where I would see so many people yapping away on cell phones. Seems a luxury, like a cell phone, would be the first thing to go when times get tough. I guess cell phones have become a necessity, not a luxury. How could one get by not being able to call from Wal-Mart to ask what brand of beans to buy?

Speaking of things to buy. Wal-Mart had a big stack of Turkey Fryers Sets and Peanut Oil by the frozen foods. Do Turkey Fryer Sets show up in stores up north these days? Are they on the west coast? I'd never heard of frying a turkey or a Turkey Fryer til I came to Texas.

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ChipSeal said...

They are allowed to use the streets just as all other traffic do. see Sec. 541.301 of the Texas transportation code:

Sec. 541.301. TRAFFIC. In this subtitle "traffic" means pedestrians, ridden or herded animals, and conveyances, including vehicles and streetcars, singly or together while using a highway for the purposes of travel.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

A few years back the kids and I experienced our own recession. It was less expensive for me to keep the cell phone and get rid of the lan line, and it made sense because I'd also gotten rid of the internet and the cable TV.

When I was living in Colorado with the ex hubby, who was not my ex hubby at the time, but my for real hubby, my parents, Texans residing in Texas, sent us our first married couple Christmas gift, it was that of a Turkey Fryer! Had never seen one prior, also they sent us the turkey injector, with some kind of spiced up liquid that you could inject. We didn't use that turkey fryer until we moved to Texas. We used it at our first home on our daughter's first birthday.