Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Microsoft Extreme Wednesday Morning Suckitude In Texas

I've not often jumped on the Microsoft Sucks Bandwagon.

Til last night when Bill Gates rudely woke me up by taking control of my computer, again, against my will. And restarted it.

Yesterday afternoon I saw that there was yet another round of security updates to prevent someone horrible from taking control of my computer (like Microsoft does).

I read the details of the updates, saw one was irrelevant to me, de-selected it and hit the cancel button.

Now, I know I can somehow disable these Microsoft XP automatic updates, I think. But, I also know that it's likely a wise plan to do the updates. But, I really do not think I was in imminent danger of attack. I should have been allowed to install and re-start when I wanted to.


ChipSeal said...

My computer has been chugging along. It has been fine, no problems. Then Microsoft sends me an update and I have to drop everything I'm doing because THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT WILL END IF I DON'T IMMEDIATLLY RE-START MY COMPUTER!

Why Microsoft demands it to be done immediately instead of happening when I normally shut down my computer is annoying to me no end. If it is so freaking important to be done RIGHT NOW, they should have downloaded the patch yesterday and it would have been applied when I turned on my computer today.

If Bill Gates had a nickel for every time a Windows OS crashed or was shut down unexpectedly, he would have... Oh, I guess he HAS a nickel for every time!

Durango said...

Everything you said. So true.

I believe that an update messed up my previous computer. It started crashing right after the update. I gave up on it and switched to another computer. Then I needed to get something off the old computer, so I started it up. Right away there was an update. I did not think it would install before a crash, but it did, then re-started. The computer seemed to be working. The update must have fixed what Microsoft had done to wreck my computer and waste a lot of my time. I'd gotten used to using the new computer, so never went back. This was some time in 2006.

It's just so ironic to me that so many of those updates say they are to solve a critical issue that might allow someone to take over my computer. With Microsoft, as far as I know, being the only thing that has taken over my computer against my will.