Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting Sane From Crazy Water From A Famous Mineral Water Company In Mineral Wells Texas

During the decade since I quit being a Yankee and started being a Texan I've seen some crazy things. One of the craziest I found my first year here while roaming around the countryside that surrounds the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

I headed towards a town called Mineral Wells, because I wanted to check out Mineral Wells State Park. I had heard good things. I was not disappointed. Penitentiary Hollow, in the state park, was particularly a good thing.

After climbing around Penitentiary Hollow I headed into the town of Mineral Wells. A few minutes later I was to see a giant structure come in to view. It was huge. Seemed totally out of place for a little town.

Soon I found myself walking all around what I learned was the long abandoned, rumored to be haunted, Baker Hotel.

On a subsequent visit, after having learned the Baker Hotel's impressive history, I was let inside the ground floor. Much had been removed, but signs of opulence remained.

The Baker Hotel came into existence due to the item that gives the town its name. Mineral Wells. People came from all over for the mineral waters of Mineral Wells. So many people claimed to have so many ailments cured by the waters, at times there would be thousands of people in town, taking the cure.

Some took to calling the mineral water "Crazy Water" due to the consumption of said water being thought to have cured a crazy lady of her craziness.

By the late 1950s, or maybe early 1960s, the FDA came down hard on the selling of Crazy Water and its cure claims. And then it was found that the water had lithium in it. Lithium is used by the medical profession as one of the drugs to help control the behavior of, well, crazy people.

I believe for a time, due to the lithium content, the FDA would not allow the sale of Crazy Water.

But, I found out yesterday you can still get Crazy Water (with lithium) from Mineral Wells. Thanks to my new information source, Twitter, I learned from "lovecrazywater" that Famous Mineral Water Company is bottling and selling Crazy Water.

You can haul your own container to Mineral Wells and get it filled with Crazy Water. Or order a 12 pack from the Famous Mineral Water Company online store. Or, I think, they deliver. I assume within a limited area. Just looked, the website says "Water Delivery to Home or Office."

I've no idea how that works. Delivering to home and office, I mean. Maybe it's home and offices in the D/FW zone. Or maybe just Mineral Wells.

I'm thinking there are plenty of crazy offices that might benefit from having Crazy Water calming the more difficult cubicle dwellers.

I'd head to Mineral Wells tomorrow to get me some Crazy Water. Lord knows I need it. But I don't know if they are open on Sunday.


Galen said...

Hmmmm, I'm thinking I may be making a run to Mineral Wells myself one day soon for some Crazy Water. I was disappointed, however, to hear that the grand old Baker Hotel is still abandoned. I seem to remember that several years ago I had read that there was a plan to restore it. I would love to see that happen!

Galen said...

I just checked the Famous Mineral Water Company website, and unless you're just hankering to buy it at the source, they actually sell it at Albertson's and many other places in the FW area!

Rod said...

The water has lithium in it. Did you find it calming?

Durango said...

I've yet to drink any Crazy Water. So, I am not yet calm.

I live walking distance from an Albertsons. Must look there for Crazy Water.

Regarding the Baker Hotel, a couple times now I've been contacted by someone saying they were interested in restoring the Baker. But then nothing happens.

Steve A said...

As has been explained to me on more than one occasion, you cannot stop being a Yankee just by living in Texas for a few years. If you are fortunate, your great grandchildren will not be considered Yankees as long as they do not leave Texas other than to go skiing in Colorado.

Pretty simple, eh?

Durango said...

Steve A----
No hope for me ceasing to be a Yankee if your formula is correct. However, in response, I think it was to a recent blogging about Carter Avenue, a Texan said I was more Texan than many of those born Texan. I think maybe there was some poetic license in play.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Durango Darlin' would ya mind shippin' my mommy some of that water?

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