Sunday, November 22, 2009

46th Anniversary Of JFK Assassination In Dallas Texas

In about an hour it will be 46 years to the minute since John F. Kennedy was assassinated as his motorcade drove by Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

I was at Dealey Plaza for the 40th Anniversary, along with thousands of others.

It was a sober, sort of macabre, experience. The moment of silence and countdown to when the shots were fired was disturbed by the arrival of Dallas police in full riot gear. I have never learned why that happened. The police quickly backed off when it was apparent there was no riot.

And then the moment arrived, suddenly the mournful sound of a lone bugle filled the air.

Go here and watch the video I made of what I saw on this day, 6 years ago. Or watch it below...


Steve A said...

I was at the 40th. Also went last year. There weren't the hordes of conspiracy nutters there last year.

Alek Hidell said...

A Dallas comedian named Buffalo George years ago would drop empty rifle shell casings around the grassy knoll area for conspiracy enthusiasts* to find. He would do it just before the anniversary date each year.