Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Year Of Sanity After A Month Of Insanity

This morning I realized it was a year ago today, August 20, that I returned to Love Field to relative sanity after a month of dealing with more insanity than I'd ever previously experienced.

Actually it is not quite a year, yet. I did not get back to Dallas til around 9 in the evening.

It took me quite some time to recover from my month in Tacoma. It took a lot of thinking to come to some understanding of what I'd dealt with and what caused the perplexing behaviors. I used this very blog to verbalize my progress in understanding what I had experienced. It was highly amusing at times, as others who felt my pain, and who had their own experiences dealing with the "problem," sent their condolences and appreciation at realizing there was such a large support group.

When I flew out of there I said at the time I likely would not return for at least 10 years. But as it always does, time heals wounds, so now I'm thinking I might return sooner than 9 years from now. Maybe.


Tonasket Tootsie said...

Well if you do come back to Wa. Ya better call me. I`ll go visit my cuz in Seattle. We`ll meet there and go have some fun.

Durango said...

When I return to the Northwest, if I ever do, you will be the first person I will visit.