Monday, February 4, 2008

The Ozzie Rabbit Lodge

I am never a good judge of what is in good taste or tacky or not. For the most part. In my neighborhood there is this bar, well, they call it a lodge. The Ozzie Rabbit Lodge. The East Side's (of Fort Worth) hippest new watering hole.

I saw an ad for The Ozzie Rabbit Lodge this morning in our local alternative news source called FW Weekly, a much more reliable source of information than the local propaganda rag that calls itself the Star-Telegram. In the Ozzie Rabbit ad, at the top, it says "CLASSIC COUNTRY WITHOUT ALL THAT PESKY INCEST!" What does that mean? There is classic country music that does have a lot of pesky incest?

And then another part of the ad says "Don't blame us for the Whiskey Dick!". Again, what does that mean? Whiskey Dick?

Now, maybe I should tell you what the theme of The Ozzie Rabbit Lodge is and why it is named The Ozzie Rabbit Lodge. Ozzie Rabbit was the nickname of Lee Harvey Oswald when he was in the army. Inside The Ozzie Rabbit Lodge there are a lot of iconic images, some huge giant poster size, of well known images from the JFK Assassination and aftermath, including the famous photo of Jack Ruby shooting Oswald.

Why, you might ask, would someone decide on this theme for their hip watering hole? Well, The Ozzie Rabbit Lodge is located in the urban village known as Handley. In the urban village of Handley there is a cemetery named Rose Hill Memorial Burial Park. Located in Rose Hill Memorial Burial park is the Gravesite of Lee Harvey Oswald. Yes, I live in the neighborhood where one of the world's most notorious criminals is buried.

And so you can have a few drinks at The Ozzie Rabbit Lodge ($1.50 Domestic Can Beer, $2.00 Lone Star, The Wagon Wheel spins all night with $2.50 shots) and then after you are suitably fortified you can walk out of Ozzie Rabbit's and head east on Lancaster in search of Lee Harvey Oswald's Gravesite. You can't really have a more hip nightlife experience than that!


Anonymous said...

Was Walt Disney and Lee Harvey Oswald connected somehow? Let's see, Oswalds nickname in the Military was Ozzy Rabbit. Walt Disney's First Cartoon Character was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, (Predating Mortimer and Micky Mouse. Also, I noticed a connection to Harvey Toons, (Casper the Friendly Ghost...) and Disney, Both were in the animation industry. AND! A good friend of mine's middle name is Lee AND he's a cartoonist! So there you have it, Lee Harvey Oswald Is and always shall be a Cartoon!

Rev. Phineas Maladicta

Anonymous said...

I am not dead. I am with Elvis but keep it a secret, ok? O.H.Lee Harvey Oswald. 11-22-63. We are now going to "Leave the building."

Willelmus Agri said...

This site is the most ignorant site I have had the displeasure of reviewing. Short of facts and poor in morals to say the least. This is a prime example of what alcohol poisoning can do on top of extreme ignorant,s. Perhaps the intent is to invite others to come and have a drink and after getting fired up go and desecrate a human beings grave. If you even think you are supporting free speech,consider your decision on whether to post this true statement to your blog.