Monday, October 3, 2022

Cool Suspension Lizard Chasing In Lucy Park

As you might intuit via the photo of the Lucy Park suspension bridge across the Wichita River it was to this location I drove on this first Monday of the 2022 version of October to do some squirrel and lizard chasing.

The temperature was barely 70 when I arrived at Lucy Park somewhere between 11am and noon. I am enjoying the drop in temperature way more than I remember ever doing so in years previous.

But, soon, that jungle-like foliage you see surrounding the suspension bridge is going to disappear.

Green will be replaced with brown.

Now that I am back in my abode, the outer world has heated up.

The air-conditioner just turned on.

Soon that will no longer be happening, replaced by the heating version of conditioning the air becoming the norm....

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