Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Is The Texas Governor A COVID Idiot?

Earlier today Spencer Jack's Favorite Dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason, texted me saying "I just heard on the news that Coronavirus is apparently over in Texas."

That was the first of many messages today from friends and family who live to the west of Texas, appalled that the governor of Texas would totally open Texas and lift the mask wearing mandate, whilst we are still in the midst of a deadly pandemic.

I told Jason that I have seen many people currently living in Texas who are also appalled at the latest idiocy from the Texas governor. Texas does have some idiotic doozies at the top of the state's government. 

In addition to Governor Greg Abbott we have Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton.

I do not know how the same state which elected someone popular across America, like Anne Richards, to be the governor, can elect the trio of bozos I mentioned in the above paragraph. 

Maybe part of the problem is so few people vote. I think Texas has the lowest, or near the lowest voter turnout of the 50 American states.

I have long opined, ever since my first experience with voting in Texas, that perhaps part of the lack of voter interest is there are so few things to vote on on any ballot I have ever voted on in Texas.

I do not recollect voting for school board members, water board members, justices of the peace, and other such things on a Washington ballot. Maybe such was on the ballot, but I just don't remember due to all the other things to vote on.

In Washington, and the other west coast states, and many other states across America, voters vote on things like legalizing marijuana, abolishing the state liquor sales monopoly, various public works projects, funding for parks, multiple initiatives, referendums and propositions. 

In Washington a citizen who thinks they have a great idea, which they think the public would support, can get enough petition signatures from voters to put an Initiative (hence the name) on the ballot. This type thing makes for much livelier ballots, unlike the boring, simple ballot one votes on in Texas.

Like I already said, I told Jason I am seeing a lot of reaction among Texans to the latest embarrassing stupidity from the state's governor. We are barely past how ineptly Greg Abbott handled the Texas power meltdown disaster.

Many think Abbott is appealing to his idiot base by pandering to their bizarre ongoing ignorant nonsense about mask mandating being some sort of government take away of their freedom, most recently on display via another Texas embarrassment, greasy creepy Ted Cruz shouting FREEDOM at the end of his CPAC comedy routine. 

That screen cap you see at the top, from Facebook, I have seen repeated multiple times on Facebook today, Texans displaying a mask saying "My Governor is an Idiot".

I think these Idiot Governor masks began appearing during the Texas Deep Freeze Disaster. 

The Facebook screen cap above is Jon Perry's version, with his comment adding "I live in Texas."

Jon Perry is one of the many Texans I have come across who do not fit the Texas redneck ignorant poorly educated yahoo stereotype.

As is the case which has happened multiple times since I have been in Texas, when I find myself thinking now this is a clear thinking, intelligent, logical, sensible Texan, I then find myself learning that that person is not a native born Texan, as is the reality in the Jon Perry case.

With Jon Perry I think his formative years were on the east coast, Massachusetts, I think. 

No, Jon Perry is not related to that other idiot governor of Texas, Rick Perry. Nor is he related to Katy Perry. Wait, a sec, I'm not sure of that.

It will be interesting when next I visit Walmart to see if there is a noticeable drop in the number of people wearing masks.

Also from Facebook, seen moments after posting the above...

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