Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Flying Over Mount Rainier With Arizona Sister Jackie

Continuing with the theme of late of something or someone showing me something which renders me ever so slightly homesick for the scenic wonderland I used to live in. 

So, obviously this would make that not snow covered Mount Wichita you see above. I believe that is one of Washington's five active volcanoes, it being the one named Rainier.

Arizona sister Jackie's phone sent me the photo above, along with text saying "Not home for 10 days! Hope all is well there!"

I knew sister Jackie was flying to Washington near the end of March. I did not know this was taking place on this next to last day of March. Tuesday is the day I most frequently call Jackie on her landline because Tuesday is the day she is most reliably home. I was gonna call Jackie this morning on my way to bike ride the trails at Lucy Park, but I forgot.

She probably was in the air during the time frame I was gonna call.

I think this is at least the second time Jackie has flown to Washington during the COVID nightmare. There may be a third time I am forgetting.

I can't picture myself doing the flying thing whilst having to wear a mask the whole time. And there are those times during the flying experience where you find yourself crowded. Such as riding the Skylink at DFW Airport to get from one terminal to another. Or waiting to board. Or being in line boarding. And whilst in the air there is no beverage service, no pitiful little bag of something like a nut or a cookie.

Sister Jackie flies out of the country in about another month, to Mexico, to attend her eldest's first wedding. I am assuming those nuptials are still scheduled.

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