Sunday, March 28, 2021

Driving By The Skagit Tulip Festival Daffodils With Miss Lori

Facebook continues its daily duty of making me a bit homesick for my old home zone of the Skagit Valley. The above was from this morning's Facebook, on this, the final Sunday of the 2021 version of March.

Below was also on Facebook this morning, via someone who lives closer to the Skagit Valley than I do, and so can easily return when feeling the need.

I do not remember when last I drove on the Skagit Flats during the blooming time of the year. I do remember that at some point in time during the 1990s mom and dad talked me into going with them to the Roozengarde Easter Sunday Sunrise Service. That turned out to be a memorable experience.

Let me see if I can find a Roozengarde website.

Well, that was easy. And Roozengarde managed to get the domain name for their website. Click the link and you'll see some colorful photos.

From their website I see Roozengarde is on Beaver Marsh Road. The same road my Favorite Nephew Joey bought a house on. I recollect being told Joey's house and the Hank Frank Orchard was close to Roozengarde.

Joey's big brother, my Favorite Nephew Jason, bought 7 acres adjacent to Joey, on which the future Jones Family Compound may one day be built.

I am guessing that living near the center of the Skagit Tulip Festival gets to be a bit tiresome for Joey, Monique and Hank Frank. I remember finding the throngs and traffic jams to be a bit tiresome years ago, near when the Skagit Tulip Festival became an annual event, when I lived in West Mount Vernon, one block from the traffic clogged Memorial Highway.

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