Saturday, January 23, 2021

Saturday Nature Communing In Lucy Park With Linda Lou & Elsie Hotpepper.

With the outer world chilled to a comfortable 40 some degrees, with a slight drizzle foggily drizzling, I decided to put on my Sherlock Holmes sleuthing cap to venture to my favorite Wichita Falls location, Lucy Park, to do some nature communing.

Linda Lou called just as I put the period on the previous paragraph.

Linda Lou told me she's cold at my old home location of Mount Vernon. 

How cold, asked I?

40 degrees said Linda Lou.

That is about how cold I am here, way down South, said I.

Linda Lou then asked who Elsie Hotpepper is.

I get asked that question regarding Elsie Hotpepper with some regularity. This is a difficult question to answer.

Linda Lou is a nurse, which makes her a valuable resource regarding anything to do with the medical business.

 And now we have a cloudy cold look at part of the Lucy Park forest of naked trees.

In a couple months the above will return to being in jungle mode, with me on the lookout for snakes and other reptiles as I do my nature communing. No alligator worries, though. Alligators don't make it this far north.

I made Chile Verde in the Instant Pot today. Super easy. And super tasty if you like the New Mexican version of Mexican food.

And super warming when the weather outside is frightful...

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