Thursday, January 21, 2021

Dead Calm Descends Upon Wichita Falls As Biden Era Begins At Sikes Lake

This first day after the magnificent end to the ridiculously absurd Trump Era, as in today, I took myself on a rare late afternoon walk around Sikes Lake.

The temperature being a relative balmy in the 60s zone being outdoors did not require excessive outerwear.

As you can see via the photo documentation above we are currently in dead calm mode, after way too many days in a row of being way too windy.

The last time I sat at that gazebo you see above was years ago, with Elsie Hotpepper, and her then leading new husband candidate. That candidate eventually won the coveted Hotpepper husband position with the first anniversary of those nuptials recently celebrated.

The following two photos show you exactly how dead calm we are here today, with Sikes Lake in mirror mode.

Which of the two following photos is the upright one? Which is the vertically flipped one?

If you chose photo number two as the upright photo, with photo number one as the vertically flipped photo, you chose correctly.

I think rain may be on the menu at my location. It has been awhile since such has fallen in copious amounts.

Changing the subject from mirror images to the end of the Trump Era, beginning of the Biden Era,

I naively turned on right wing nut job talk radio today, thinking, maybe, some modicum of decency, non-idiocy, non-stupidity, non-lying, non-propaganda might in some small way be noted.

Instead it seemed worse. The moron who pollutes the airwaves for two hours on WBAP, outta DFW, the slot before Rush Dimbulb, has never seemed stupider than he seemed today. I could take only a couple minutes of that airhead's nonsense. I did not hear Dimbulb today. Is there no one who can educate these idiots as to what democratic socialism actually is? Or do they just play being stupid so as to placate the morons who listen to them who are too dumb to know they are listening to boneheaded nonsense?

Tomorrow is the second full day of the Biden Era. Happy Days are here again. Me hopes thus remains so...

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