Saturday, November 7, 2020

Linda Lou Declares Biden Win While Colorfully Celebrating In Lucy Park


Soon after I got a text message from Linda Lou saying "Biden Declared President! Thank God!!!" I decided to take that good news with me to Lucy Park for a salubrious communing with nature.

Til walking the Lucy Park trails I had not realized last week's freeze had brought Fall a month late, with the leaves in the trees going into full color mode, with many leaves shed, covering the ground at various locations.

I got back to my home location precisely at noon. I woke up my computer and soon saw something on Facebook which sort of mirrored some of what I was thinking whilst walking in Lucy Park...

"Idiot trump voters. For the next 4 years educate yourself. Take classes in civics, psychology, and logic. If you claim to be Christian do studies in Jesus's teachings so you know how to treat immigrants and people of color, like Jesus was..."

The next couple months are going to likely be disturbingly interesting.

But it sure is nice to finally see some light ahead after such a long time spent in such a dark tunnel...

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Steve A said...

What’s more, Biden won Tarrant County!