Monday, November 2, 2020

Redrock Color Coordinated Wichita River Circle Trail Walk With Dinosaurs


For days now I have been hearing an advertisement on the radio for a dinosaur exhibit at the Ag Center at the MPEC (Multi-Purpose Exhibition Center) in downtown Wichita Falls.

The ad says you drive your vehicle through a maze of dinosaurs, being sure to keep your window up due to the bad habits of the saber tooth tiger.

So, I drove to the south end of the MPEC and walked the Circle Trail to the location of the AG Center.

I saw no dinosaurs, not at that point in time.

Seeing the Wichita River, as it parallels the Circle Trail, I realized I was color coordinated with the redrock river color. As you can clearly see via the redrock colored hat I am wearing atop the redrock colored long sleeved t-shirt. What you can not see is the redrock colored hiking boots. My skin color also appears to be redrock colored, as is the pedestrian bridge you see behind me crossing the river.

I eventually made it back to my vehicle and then proceeded to drive to that aforementioned Ag Center to search for dinosaurs. Approaching from the east I saw nothing prehistoric, nor on the south side, but by the time I got to the northwest side of the Ag Center I started seeing dinosaurs.

The maze turned out to be a route defined by orange traffic cones, with dinosaurs of various types and sizes lined up along the route. 

When I saw that which I had heard advertised I thought it looked so lame I had no motivation to park and take a photo. Now I sort of wish I had done so. 

Prior to heading out to the MPEC I had looked at the the Jurassic Empire website mentioned in the radio ad, curious how much it cost to visit the dinosaurs.

$49 for one vehicle with up to seven people onboard.

I don't know what time the dinosaurs open for business, but I saw nothing happening during the noon time frame.

Tomorrow is the last day one can drive through the dinosaur maze, before it moves on to another Texas town...

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