Monday, August 28, 2017

Steel Flying Fish Found At Lake Wichita

This morning whilst conducting my daily local news perusal via the Wichita Falls Times New Record a Several parks projects falling into place headline caught my eye and caused a link click.

I thought among the "several parks" one might be the news that the long stalled Wichita Bluff Nature Area had been completed, or the Lake Wichita Revitalization was finally underway, or some other parks project about which I knew nothing.

Instead the main project news was that the bridge upgrade at Wichita Falls has finally been completed, with the waterfall turned back on just in time for the Hotter 'n Hell weekend.

There were a couple paragraphs that were not about the waterfall, one of which was the following...

A steel flying fish sculpture was placed at the lake ahead of schedule and is receiving a good deal of attention. Garner said it was delivered to the city last week and they were expecting to store it for a while until city crews could set it up. As it happened, there was a break in the city schedule and Terry Points and his team could set up the 17-foot creation Friday.

As you can read, the information in the article did not include where at the lake the flying fish sculpture was placed. But, I can tell you where it is. What with the outer world being chilled to an unnaturally pleasant temperature in the 70s, I opted  to go for an early morning bike ride to Lake Wichita, across the dam, all the way to Mount Wichita.

It is near Mount Wichita I came upon the flying fish sculpture, which you can see my handlebars aimed at above.

So, to be precise, the flying fish sculpture is located in Lake Wichita Park, at the northwest end of the lake, at the edge of the parking lot near Mount Wichita.

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