Sunday, August 6, 2017

Biking To Metal MSU Bikers Thinking About Ruby Tuesday Flight North

This first Sunday of August, day six, also known as the anniversary of the Hiroshima atom bomb bombing. And my mom and dad's anniversary.

Mom's first anniversary without dad.

This morning I took my bike on a ride. Eventually ending up on the MSU (Midwestern State University)  campus where I soon found  myself running into that which you see here.

A pair of bikers memorialized in metal. An homage to the Hotter n' Hell 100, the latest iteration of which takes place towards the end of this current month.

I won't be riding in the Hotter n' Hell 100, but I likely will venture to downtown Wichita Falls, to the MPEC (Multi Purpose Event Center) to partake in the festivities.

That is if I make it back in time from my journey north and west, which starts up the morning of this coming Tuesday.

Tuesday morning I will land somewhere at D/FW  Airport, brought to town by some flying device the nature of which is unknown  to me. Jet? A plane propelled by propellers?  I have no idea. Years ago I landed in Juneau, Alaska, arriving on a 707, soon finding myself on a small plane propelled by propellers, to fly to a little town called Hoonah, where there was no airport, so the plane had to land on the water. That was an adventurous landing.

I am almost 100% certain the plane that will fly me to D/FW will not be landing on water, even though Lake Grapevine is nearby.

I have almost three hours to kill after I land at D/FW before my plane to Seattle takes off. Elsie Hotpepper may use her TSA Homeland Security credentials to get past security to take me out to lunch at one of the airport's many fine dining locations, like McDonalds.

When I land in Seattle I believe I will be getting picked up by David, Theo and Ruby, then brought to Tacoma where the annual neighborhood Potato Fry will be taking place at Ruby's, next door to David, Theo and Ruby's.

Apparently Ruby has become a commonly used name in the Pacific Northwest.

On Friday David, Theo and Ruby will be taking me to the far north, to Birch Bay, where we will stay til Monday.

On Tuesday I will be back in the air again, heading south to Phoenix, to see my mom. And my sister, Jackie, and, I hope, nephews Chris and Jeremy, and my favorite brother-in-law, Jack.

Starting the next day I should be having myself a mighty fine time having a morning swim with the Sun Lakes Ladies.

I get back to Texas August 22, arriving in Wichita Falls an hour before midnight. The next morning I get to drive back to the D/FW zone. I will likely be a bit tired....


Unknown said...

what were you doing in hoonah, cuz?

Steve A said...

I think that, actually, the statue is dedicated to the MSU Team Arrow, as noted at My eldest is a graduate of MSU. Go Warriers!!!!!