Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eventually Escaping The Trump Phoenix Debacle

What you are looking at here was my view on the world for well over an hour yesterday, stuck on the tarmac in Phoenix at Sky Harbor Airport at over 100 degrees, with the plane in stuck mode not able to keep the plane interior comfortably cool.

We were boarded and starting to move when the pilot informed us that ground control had halted all flights due to an incoming menace to the world, America's international embarrassment, Donald J. Trump.

The first pilot announcement announced that the delay would be for 30 minutes, approximately. Because the president's plane was landing and security had to secure the airport. The collective anti-Trump groan was pleasant to the ears.

A half hour later, give or take a minute or two, the pilot had a new announcement. Turns out the president's plane had just landed, the pilot saw it land, and that now we were to be stalled for 40 more minutes.

There was palpable panic onboard as victims tried to make arrangements to fix their connecting flight woes. It was pitiful to listen to. I assume this was taking place all over the plane, in addition to the lamenting I heard all around me.

I did not have a panic attack because I had almost three hours to make my connection. With that multi-hour window greatly shortened by the time I arrived at DFW.

The flight from DFW to Wichita Falls was what is known as a bumpy flight, due to passing through a thunderstorm. I left Phoenix sweltering with Trump over 100 degrees. I arrived in Wichita Falls to an outer world chilled into the low 70s, lightning striking and rain downpouring.

Getting struck by chilly rain was quite pleasant last night. I did not get horizontal til well past midnight, with my alarm set to wake me at 6am. However, soon upon getting vertical I got a text message postponing a meeting this morning back in DFW. I could have slept in this morning, had I known.

So, this morning, rather than driving back to the Dallas zone, I think I will find  myself going through the thumbdrive of photos I have collected the past couple weeks.

On another Dallas note. Last night I wondered how bad it bugs Fort Worthers when they land at DFW and hear the pilot welcoming them to Dallas. Or mentioning the impending arrival in Dallas, multiple times.

I see a bike ride in my immediate future today, weather permitting...

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