Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring Sprungs White Tree Blossoms

Spring has been doing some major springing at my location as we near the end of March, as documented by the trees you see above, sporting white blossoms.

These white flowering trees are landscaping the Circle Trail, about a block north of my abode.

I saw other flowering trees and some wildflowers blooming on the ground on this morning's bike ride.

I have no recollection of any sort of fruit eventually appearing on these white flowering trees.

I do recollect that at some point the white blossoms fall from the trees creating what looks sort of like snow covering the ground, with the wind blowing the white blossoms into drifts.

Speaking of drifting.

It begins to look a little unlikely that I will be venturing north in a couple months. But that could change.

I have learned details of a high school reunion which some have opined I should attend this summer whilst I am in Washington. The details of that reunion make it unlikely I will be there, with one of the details being this reunion is happening earlier than when I planned on being in Washington.

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