Sunday, March 7, 2021

Return To My Old Home In Mount Vernon Washington

Yesterday both my little brother Jake and little brother Jake's eldest, my Favorite Nephew Jason, text messaged me a link to a house for sale which both thought I might be interested in.

That being my house in Mount Vernon, which I left to move to Texas soon before the start of the new century.

That house was built in 1985 for a measly $65, 000. And then sold in 2002 for what seems now a measly $135,000. 

And now it is for sale, again, for almost a half million bucks.

Which seems totally nuts.

The link to the listing had some photos of the current state of the house I built 35 years ago. The kitchen has been totally re-built, now with modern stone countertops of granite or marble. The cabinets are now black. And the wall painted orange. I liked the upgrade to the appliances, but not much else. I think the original version looked much better.

One of the photos showed the flooring in the upstairs living room area. It was carpeted when I left it. Now it is a dark hardwood floor. 

None of the photos showed the tile flooring I had fun installing, in the kitchen and the upstairs entry. I suspect it likely has been replaced. The tile in the kitchen had a long crack caused by a small earthquake. I liked that crack due to knowing its history. 

I had planted multiple rhododendrons which my mom and dad gave me. From the above photo I can see the one in the front of the house has been removed. 

The most disturbing upgrade, which I do not like at all, is the open carport has now been turned into a garage, with a garage door which does not match the look of the house exterior.

I long ago made a webpage of my old home in Mount Vernon. Click that to see what it looked like way back in the previous century.
You will also see Hortense, who used to read the morning Seattle P-I with me. Hortense made the move to Texas, and died a year later at 21 years old. Hortense is buried in Haslet, a suburb north of Fort Worth.

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