Monday, January 4, 2021

SAD Sitting On Wichita Bluff Nature Area Bench Under Clear Blue Sky

What you are looking at above is the view I was viewing around noon today, sitting on a swinging bench on a side trail off the Circle Trail which winds its way through the Wichita Bluff Nature Area.

The 4th day of the New Year has been the first at my location where the sky is devoid of clouds, and the temperature is not hovering near freezing.

And, even though the temperature was nearing 60, I failed to make note of that fact prior to leaving my abode to do some nature communing. In other words, I was overdressed in sweatpants and too many upper layers.

As I sat on that Wichita Bluff Nature Area swinging bench I tried to organize my thinking, listing all the things I am feeling depressed about, in alphabetical order.

By the time I got midway through the alphabet I quit dwelling on what was depressing me when I realized the very act of going through what depresses me in alphabetical order was just one more thing to be depressed about.

I really should not turn on the radio when I am driving to a communing with nature. I end up on talk radio out of DFW, WBAP, right wing nut job talk radio, with the #1 right wing nut job, Rush Limbaugh, off air today, replaced by someone even more idiotically wrongheaded with incendiary seditious illogical hate speech spewage which really needs to be banned, in the same manner that the free speech concept spelled out in the U.S. Constitution does not extend to it being a right to dangerously, falsely scream "FIRE" in a crowded theater. 

And the morons who call in to let the world know what mindless idiots they are, just add to the feeling that there is something dire wrong with the water way too many people drink, literally and metaphorically.

Other than that somewhat depressing bench sitting I had myself a mighty fine time getting some much needed endorphins so as to combat what I am thinking is likely an onset of SAD (Seasonally Affeceted Disorder).

One thing I thought today, which I don't recollect ever thinking before, is do not ever take your good health for granted. It can be taken from you in a flash, in myriad ways, many of which, over which, you have little control.


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