Thursday, April 9, 2020

Rainier Looms Over Blue Guarding Grandma & David With Grandpa's Fishing Poles

Incoming photos last night from the quarantined Tacoma Trio currently exiled on Harstine Island with their parental units.

As you can see, the mountain known as Rainier is hovering big and clear, thanks to the diminished air pollution side benefit of the Great American Lockdown.

I find it surprising that Mount Rainier looms high enough to be reflected in Puget Sound, viewed from Harstine Island.

If my calculations are remotely correct, Mount Rainier is about 60 miles southeast of Harstine Island. And, apparently, at a 14,411 above sea level elevation, high enough to be reflected on Puget Sound, even at that distance.

Makes for an extremely scenic picture of The Mountain.

A couple weeks ago I was informed that transportation north to Washington, from Arizona, had been arranged for my mom.

Mom was secreted in a container containing things the Tacoma Trio's Mama Michele had requested, items which had been at mom and dad's house in Sun Lakes. I was pleased to learn, yesterday, that mom had made it safely to Washington, and is now in the care of the Tacoma Trio and their parental units, along with Blue, the guard dog poodle.

Blue always sought a lot of attention from mom, which mom enjoyed giving. I saw this myself way back in August of 2008.

Now that mom is temporarily residing in the Tacoma Trio's cabin on Harstine Island, Blue has taken up the guarding mom job. Dogs have spooky extra sensory perception, at times, or so it seems.

Blue is getting old. If I remember right I was told sometime ago that Blue has gone blind, like mom did. Well, I don't know if Blue's blindness is precisely like mom's, which was due to macular degeneration.

With the current state of affairs I do not know when, or if, for sure, we are going to be able to re-unite mom with dad, in the manner currently planned for this coming July.

Like I said, a container was delivered to Washington with stuff from mom and dad's, such as that which you see below.

Dad's fishing poles. These were hung on a wall in the Arizona room in the Sun Lakes house.

That is David practicing reeling the line on one of his grandpa's fishing poles.

Dad always had a bamboo pole which had been his dad's, my grandpa Cornelius, who died before I was born.

I can not tell if the grandpa Cornelius bamboo fishing pole is one of the three with which David is practicing.

I sure am looking forward to this summer, and the possibility of possible roadtripping to Washington for the first time since 2001.

I prefer the roadtrip method to the flying method I have used every time since 2001...

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