Thursday, December 28, 2017

Freezing Heading To 10 Degrees New Year's Eve

Baby, it's cold outside, and gonna get colder.

10 miserable cold degrees, three days hence, on New Year's Eve.

10 degrees along with frozen precipitation predicted, with the form of precipitation still up in the air, literally, predicted to possibly be sleet or snow or both.

Or worse.

I am okay with 10 degrees and either sleet or snow or both, but I am not okay with a possible Ice Storm. I have learned to have a strong aversion to Ice Storms.

Yesterday was the day of my monthly return to the D/FW zone. This was the coldest return yet. And the first time I have seen the temperature monitoring device in my vehicle add the words ICE after the temperature number was displayed. The ICE info seemed a bit redundant, what with it following the number "28".

Due to fear of exposure to a variety of possible viruses I cancelled yesterday's lunch with that current smorgasbord of sickness, Elsie Hotpepper.

During this time of year, when so many people are coughing and sneezing, I tend to avoid close contact, as much as possible. And try to have zero contact with anyone who has been exposed to multiple of those walking petri dishes known as children.

With these cautionary measures I have avoided catching a cold, or the flu, for years. I probably should find some wood to knock on...

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Steve A said...

It's so cold, I may have to go back up to Ocean Shores, where the forecast low on Sunday is a comparitively balmy 36F.