Sunday, December 3, 2017

First Hot Sunday Of December Finding Wichita Falls Polar Express Mass Transit Trams

On this first Sunday of the final month of 2017, with the weather outside not even remotely frightful, unless one is scared of a December heat wave, I took my bike, again, on a long roll around my neighborhood, enjoying a strong balmy breeze whilst staying cool attired in shorts and a tank top.

Biking on to the MSU campus from the north I was quickly reminded we are in the winter weather time of the year, with this reminder arriving when I saw the Wichita Falls Polar Express mass transit trams lined up and ready to take seekers of bright lights on a Christmas tour of my neighborhood.

Wichita Falls Christmas mass transit is relatively expensive, as public transit goes, costing $5 per person for a half hour trip.

A front view of the Wichita Falls Christmas mass transit trams. The red line trams are the North Pole Polar Express trams, which would make the yellow line trams the South Pole Polar Express trams. I do not know if the two different Poles go different routes through the Christmas lights zone, thus motivating light seekers to ride both route options. I also do not know if one gets a transit discount if one opts to go to both Poles.

At the Solar Express ticket booth we get frequently asked questions answered, thus learning one does not need a reservation, just show up, because a tram leaves every 15 minutes. You will be riding approximately 30 minutes. Do not even think about bringing a pet on board. But you can bring drinks and a blanket to keep you warm. The Polar Express runs all week long, after dark, til December 25, which also happens to be Christmas.

During last year's Christmas time of the year I drove much of the route the Polar Express trams travel, stuck, was I, following one. I have seen a Christmas display or two during my time on the planet. I am not easily impressed. I gotta tell you, the Wichita Falls Christmas lights are the likes of which I have not seen anywhere.

Well, okay, Interlochen in Arlington, Texas is pretty cool, but way too congested. Arlington needs to copy the Wichita Falls Polar Express concept. And then there was Yuma, Arizona, with luminarias, I think that is the word, these lit up candle works of art arrayed on the ground. Festive in a way I'd never eye witnessed previously.

I doubt I will load up a flask with a warming liquid and take a blanket with me on the Wichita Falls Polar Express, but I may drive the route again, with no need for a flask or blanket...

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Steve A said...

You have to admit that $5 for a round trip to the North Pole is pretty cheap. Since Wichita Falls can make the round trip in 30 minutes, it'd make it pretty rapid as well!