Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Looking Close At A Non-Boondoggle Fort Worth Bridge Project

Yes, you guessed correctly. What you are looking at here is one of Fort Worth's new bridges under construction.

No, this is not one of America's Biggest Boondoggle's three simple little bridges under construction over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island.

What you are looking at here is a Fort Worth bridge under construction over water, with that water being the Trinity River. And not the Trinity River where its flow is slowed by dams and levees. This Trinity River bridge is being constructed where the Trinity River flows wild and free.

This bridge over the Trinity River is actually this road building project's third bridge. The first two were built over dry land. These bridges are part of a project to upgrade the 1st Street East/Randol Mill Road connection between  I-820 and Beach Street.

I drive this route frequently and have enjoyed watching the speedy progress of this project, which has been underway for less than a year, starting with tree removal around the time of this year's Prairie Fest.

Underway for way less than a year with far more to show than America's Biggest Boondoggle has to show after a decade and a half of boondoggling.

Obviously no local congresswoman's unqualified son is the project manager of this project, building three bridges in less than four years, with one of those bridges being built over water.

Speaking of America's Biggest Boondoggle, and who isn't? I was in downtown Fort Worth early this morning. Since I was in the downtown zone I decided to exit downtown via Henderson Street to eye witness those amazing signature V Piers that have been being touted by The Boondoggle and its propaganda partner, the Star-Telegram.


In person those V Piers look a lot smaller than the photos I saw in the Star-Telegram. I think some tricky angle manipulation was used to make the V Piers appear taller. I was actually surprised by how small and short the V Piers are.

Currently only the Henderson Street V Pier imaginary signature bridge is under construction, despite The Boondoggle's propaganda which implies all three bridges are currently being built.

I saw no construction activity around the V Piers this morning. Nor was there any work going on at the nearby traffic circle with its bizarre, already installed, supposed art work, consisting of what looks like curved shiny pipes stuck in the ground. Why is this already installed? How much did this cost The Boondoggle?

While I saw no construction activity at the site The Boondoggle has been bragging about, there was a lot going on at the construction site pictured above. Dozens of worker's cars parked along 1st Street East with dozens of workers working.

At the bridge over the Trinity River location I watched a giant drilling device digging down and inserting some sort of concrete like substance as it drilled. I'd not seen anything like this before. There were at least a dozen men working at the bridge location, with a lot of heavy equipment in play.

I saw no heavy equipment in play today at the only location The Boondoggle is currently building a bridge.

Did J.D. Granger give everyone extra days off to celebrate Columbus Day?

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