Friday, October 23, 2015

Fort Worth Police Take Down Little Girl Saving Puppy

A couple hours ago I was in the midst of conferring via the video phone method when the annoying phone made its incoming text message noise. When I finished conferring I checked to see the incoming text message to see it came in from Elsie Hotpepper, telling me she had Facebook messaged me with something totally appalling.

When I get a message like this my initial reaction is to assume it is something appalling I have done. Or said. Or  both.

Elsie Hotpepper's Facebook message sent me to another Facebook page, StandwithShelby. The StandwithShelby Facebook page had a link to a StandwithShelby website, courtesy of her attorney.

Both StandwithShelby webpages told the same appalling story, about yet one more convoluted thing happening in Texas that has given rise to the Internet meme graphic with the outline of the State of Texas, with the text saying "Day In A Row Without Texas Being A National Embarrassment" Then below that a big ZERO.

Fort Worth is the epicenter of this latest Texas Embarrassment. I'll  copy for your appalled disgust the entirety of the embarrassment that you can also read via going to either of the StandwithShelby webpages linked above.....

Shelby Corker was arrested on October 22, 2015 by the Fort Worth Police Department. Shelby rescued a stray dog that had no collar, no tags, and no microchip. Shelby took the dog to a veterinary clinic to be cared for. The veterinary doctor informed Shelby that the dog had been severely neglected. The dog was 30 pounds under weight, yeast infections in both ears, and a polyp on the lower lid of the right eye causing the eye to be matted closed. To say the least, the dog was in bad shape. Shelby paid to have the dog vaccinated and treated. The veterinary doctor reported that the dog was not receiving proper health care or nutrition.

A stranger contacted Shelby claiming to be the dog’s owner. Shelby was not convinced. The stranger filed a complaint for theft. Fort Worth Detectives threatened Shelby with arrest if she did not hand over the dog. Despite a letter from the veterinary doctor to Fort Worth Police Department, the detective refused to consider the possibility that the dog’s purported owner was abusing the dog. The detective arrived at Shelby’s work. Five police officers arrested this girl who was trying to save a dog. They also sent officers to raid her house.

What the detective failed to realize is that the dog was taken to Fort Worth Animal Care and Control. Fort Worth Animal Care and Control said to take the dog to the humane society. Eventually, Fort Worth Animal Care and Control took the dog. The dog was in the City’s custody when Shelby was arrested. Within hours, Fort Worth Animal Care and Control turned the dog over to the purported owner – the very same person who was responsible for the dog not receiving the proper care and nutrition.

Shelby is represented by Joshua Graham & Associates, PLLC. “Of all the bad people that we could be spending our efforts on, its a shame that so much went into taking down a little girl trying to save a puppy. Shameful.”

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Appalled in Fort Worth said...

The mind reels trying to figure out what the police thought they were doing. What could possibly be going through their minds?
Is there really no common sense around? No empathy for suffering and sense of responsibility to the community?