Thursday, October 1, 2015

Elsie Hotpepper Asks Why Fort Worth Is Not Flooded With Celebrities Digging The Town's Wonders

A week ago today I blogged about America being shocked to learn downtown Fort Worth is the Envy of the Nation.

Then the following Saturday Elsie Hotpepper Facebook messaged me with the following question...

"If we were the most envious of all, would this be news" Wouldn't all the stars be here?"

Elsie Hotpepper was making reference to the local Fort Worth media, both print, as in the Star-Telegram, and TV, such as WFAA, making a big deal about Harrison Ford being spotted in Fort Worth, with WFAA making the claim that Harrison Ford 'digs' Fort Worth.

How did WFAA determine that Harrison Ford dug Fort Worth? I can't picture Harrison Ford, or anyone who has been around the world, or around America, gushing about digging Fort Worth. Not that there are not some things to dig about Fort Worth.

The Fort Worth Stockyards seem dig worthy to me. The Fort Worth Water Gardens are sort of dig worthy too, to me. The Water Gardens have even been in a movie.

I think Elsie Hotpepper makes a good point. As in if Fort Worth's downtown was actually the envy of the nation the downtown would be a bit more busy with visitors, including celebrities, wouldn't it?

It does seem that just about every time a celebrity, even a minor celebrity, shows up in town a bit of a fuss is made. It would seem sort of obvious the reason a fuss is made is because celebrity spottings are rare. Even political celebrity spottings are rare.

I remember seeing Hillary Clinton in Fort Worth. I blogged about that in My Date With Hillary.

I can not remember any leader of another country showing up in Fort Worth since I've been in town.

Recently China's President Xi visited a few cities in America. He did not show up in Fort Worth. I suspect if such a visit ever were to occur a big fuss would be made. It would be interesting to see how Fort Worth handled something like a visit from the Pope.

I remember seeing both President Ford and President Jimmy Carter in Seattle. Ford on the Seattle waterfront, Carter in a hangar at Boeing Field. Both were campaigning. Both lost. Ford to Carter, Carter to Reagan.

Is Harrison Ford still in Fort Worth digging all there is to dig in the most wonderful town in America? I know I have not seen him, yet. Maybe I will see Mr. Ford on the Tandy Hills today. I'm sure he would dig the Tandy Hills....

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