Friday, October 23, 2015

A Dark Stormy Friday Morning In Texas With Incoming Hurricane Patricia

Til this Friday morning it had been a long time since I looked out my computer room window to see and hear a thunderstorm accompanied by a downpour of large water pellets.

The downpour of large water pellets and thunder booms started up about an hour after I had returned from my morning bout in the cool pool.

Rain during the night added several inches to the pool depth.

No hiking or biking for me today. Unless I decide to go on an under the bumbershoot stroll.

When I checked in on the news online I was surprised by big HEADLINES screaming the news that the most powerful Pacific hurricane ever measured was blowing wind at around 200 mph, taking aim at Mexico's west coast, then heading towards Texas.

Upon first glance I did not understand why such a powerful hurricane had not been on my news radar for days.


The reason I had not heard of Hurricane Patricia before this morning is because yesterday she was just a little Tropical Depression, which overnight grew to hurricane strength. Did she even have a name yesterday?

The forecasters are forecasting the Patricia is likely to wreak havoc of record breaking proportions when she makes landfall on Mexico.

The fact that the strongest Pacific hurricane ever measured sprang up overnight  is a bit disturbing.

And what happens here in Texas if this already saturated state gets hit by Patricia?

I think I will venture to Walmart this morning and stock up for what may be the Apocalypse.

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