Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Miss Puerto Rico's Coco Baby Takes Her First Selfie

This afternoon, on my way to Albertsons to collect this week's Fort Worth Weekly, I stopped by to visit the two young ladies Miss Puerto Rico and I refer to as "The Babies".

Coco and Bella.

Bella is also known as Belly Baby.

That is Coco you see here. For some reason today Coco insisted she wanted to take one of those selfie things she is always hearing about.

Coco and Bella started out being about the same size, with Bella the smaller of the two. That is no longer the case, with Bella having grown a rather substantial belly, hence the nickname, Belly Baby.

Coca and Belly Baby are now early teenagers in cat years. Worried that being overweight as a young teenager might be bad for Bella's long term self esteem, a cat obesity doctor, well, veterinarian, was consulted.

The veterinarian put Bella on a less fattening diet, which so far has not caused much belly reduction.

Due to being self conscious about being a bit overweight, Belly Baby usually is not as sociable as her sister. For instance, today when I arrived Coco greeted me at the door. Belly Baby was down the hallway, quickly retreating to hide under Miss Puerto Rico's bed.

I picked up Coco and we sat and visited for a bit. Then the taking a selfie subject came up, so the selfies were taken.

Before I left I looked under the bed to say hello to Belly Baby. She did not say a single word back to me....


Anonymous said...

How old is Hortense? In human years. Does she get out much these days?

Durango said...

Hortense passed away after suffering a stroke on May 22, 1999. Hortense was placed in a special coffin and buried in a horse corral in the Fort Worth suburb of Haslet. Hortense was 21 years old when she died. She lived a long and happy life. Hortense had trouble adjusting to Texas, as do most incoming Yankees. Hortense was particularly vexed by the horses, she never did quite come to be at a friendly place with the horses....