Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Complex Imaginary Dallas Plot To Take Control Of Fort Worth & Tarrant County

Some eye opening, jaw dropping J.D. Granger information fell into my lap yesterday. I figured I would blog about the J.D. Granger material today. But then I found myself needing to make a fix to almost 400 webpages, so I will be postponing sharing the eye opening, jaw dropping J.D. Granger information til I get done with the webpage fixing.

However, this morning in the midst of doing that webpage fixing a blog comment arrived which I thought to be share worthy in its inadvertent amusing embarrassing imbicilicness, to coin a new word that needed coining to describe much of what I witness at my current location on the planet.

The blog comment....

Ed Jackson has left a new comment on your post "More TRWD Election Propaganda Lies From Jim Lane, Marty Leonard, Betsy Price & Mike Moncrief": 

Monty Bennett does have a horse in this TRWD race. It is at least an eminent domain issue about a ranch he owns. Mr. Bennett is not a resident of Tarrant County, nor is he a customer of the TRWD. He does what a lot of Dallas business people do, attempt to gain control of Fort Worth and Tarrant County by filling political positions with people who will owe favors to him, and to the democrat party. 

The facts are Marty Leonard and Jim Lane have been on the TRWD Board for some 10 years, and vast improvements to access water and manage resources have been made in that 10 years. Mayor Betsy Price is a great Mayor, and Mike Moncrief was a good Mayor. Both have lead Fort Worth to prosperity in most areas of the city. 

Mr. Bennett, OTOH, also tried to gain control of the TRWD back in 2013. when the other 3 board members were up for reelection. He got one candidate to win, Mary Kelleher, who has no engineering. business, or legal background. She is a school psychologist, a worthy background, but not a qualification to manage and plan a water district. If Mr. Bennett gets his two candidates onto the TRWD Board in this election, he will control the board. Have you noticed his two 2015 candidates have not listed any qualifications, except for "former president of the Tarrant County democrat party"?

After these last 6 years, I don't want any democrat running anything, much less than something that costs billions of dollars and affects millions of people. 

The current make up of the TRWD Board is 2 engineers, 1 Lawyer, 1 small business owner (that understands water use and conservation because they are golf courses), and 1 school psychologist. Let's not put two more political hacks on the board. 

A business owner who understands conservation and water use because they are golf courses? That sounds like Charlton Heston exclaiming Soylent Green is People.

Is Marty Leonard the owner of the golf courses being referred to?

Monty Bennett has a horse in this race, because it is an eminent domain issue about a ranch he owns?

Does this Jackson guy even know what eminent domain is? Or that the issue as it pertains to Monty Bennett is he feels the way the TRWD has gone about trying to take his property is what is known as eminent domain abuse? Or that Monty Bennett is not alone as a property owner believing himself to be a victim of what they believe to be eminent domain abuse by the TRWD? Ask the business owners whose property was taken for the TRWD's Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's ditch and little bridges being built in slow motion over dry land to connect to an imaginary island, what they think of the TRWD's use of eminent domain.

What does it have to do with anything that Monty Bennett is not a resident of Tarrant County? He owns two hotels in downtown Fort Worth. If he was a resident of one of those hotels would it change anything to do with his fight to keep the TRWD off his property?

I am fairly certain Monty Bennett is a customer of the TRWD. Unless he somehow pipes water to his Fort Worth hotels via a pipeline from Dallas.

A lot of Dallas business people try to gain control of Fort Worth and Tarrant County? Really? And who would they be and why would they want to control Fort Worth and Tarrant County? A messianic dream of modernizing the town and pulling it into the current century?

A Dallas football team owner moved his team to a new football stadium in Tarrant County. Was that the result of an evil Dallas businessman's evil plotting to take over Tarrant County?

Mary Kelleher has no engineering background? And so she is not qualified to manage a water district? Remind me again what exactly J.D. Granger's qualifications were to manage a water redevelopment project? J.D. Granger has been paid over $110,000 a year for almost 10 years to ramrod what is currently the biggest boodoggle in America.

Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner are political hacks? Implying also that Mary Kelleher is a political hack?

I tell you, the TRWD Scandal is the weirdest Alice Through the Looking Glass thing I have ever observed up close.

A backwards Looking Glass where right is wrong, wrong is right, qualified is unqualified, unqualified is qualified, smart is stupid, stupid is smart, world class is no class, no class is world class, public good is public bad.

And taking four years to build three little bridges over dry land saves money and makes engineering sense....

UPDATE: On Facebook TRWD board candidate, Craig Bickley, had the following to say about the above comments from Ed Jackson....

Craig Bickley likes this.
  • Craig Bickley For the record (to your commenter), the former director of the Democratic party mentioned is the 5th candidate, not Michele or I. He seems like a nice person, but got a very late start, and hasn't gained much traction. He would be great to watch in two years. Also, I have an engineering degree from Texas A&M and have been in the field of engineering and project/personnel management for over 15 years...


Steve A said...

The lawyer, Jim Lane, specialized in criminal defense. I guess that is an important skill for Granger and Oliver...

Anonymous said...

Is Marty Leonard the owner of the golf courses being referred to?

Marty Leonard and her sister own a 9 hole golf course located in Tolar Texas. The course was her father's private playground.

Marty also owns a golf driving range in far west Fort Worth.

Marty grew up at Rivercrest, Colonial and Shady Oaks Country Clubs.

Marty's father Marvin Leonard started Colonial & Shady Oaks while Marty founded a driving range. The driving range does have a pitch & putt feature however.

Why is Marty frequently photographed wearing blue chambray work shirts? She's never known a hard day of work in her life which is very typical of the Fort Worth Way types.