Sunday, March 29, 2015

More TRWD Election Propaganda Lies From Jim Lane, Marty Leonard, Betsy Price & Mike Moncrief

On Friday I blogged a blogging titled TRWD Propaganda Targeting Seniors With Evil Dallas Boogeyman Taking Over Fort Worth Scare Tactic in which I verbalized being appalled to learn that the TRWD board election incumbents were actually continuing to use the claim that a Dallas businessman was attempting to take over the Fort Worth water supply by taking over the TRWD board, spreading this propaganda in an apparent attempt to scare senior citizens into voting for the senior citizens who are already on the board.

I learned of this TRWD bogus Dallas boogeyman tactic via Elsie Hotpepper's Great Aunt Hannah Hotpepper who emailed samples of the propaganda that had been showing up in senior citizen's mailboxes.

And then this morning Aunt Hannah's Great Niece, Elsie, emailed me scans of propaganda that has been showing up on some non-senior citizen's doors in the past 48 hours.

Just like with the mailings targeting senior citizens these latest mailings also use as mouthpieces two of Fort Worth's most infamous senior sitizens, Betsy Price and Mike Moncrief.

Do these ethically challenged TRWD  corruptees actually have so little respect for the critical faculties of those who vote that they don't realize most voters will see through the absurdity of raising the false specter of a Dallas boogeyman businessman?

Particularly when serious charges that are actually fact and reality based can be directed at some of the TRWD board members. Coyote Drive-In, anyone?

Currently the Fort Worth Business Press has an article about the Dallas Boogeyman that is based on fact, you know, the truth, of the sort you won't be reading in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about the imaginary evil Dallas Business Boogeyman, Monty Bennett.

I may blog more about the Fort Worth Business Press article later, but prior to that, if Facts, Truth and the American Way matter to you, read Monty Bennett: Businessman, water district activist.


Ed Jackson said...

Monty Bennett does have a horse in this TRWD race. It is at least an eminent domain issue about a ranch he owns. Mr. Bennett is not a resident of Tarrant County, nor is he a customer of the TRWD. He does what a lot of Dallas business people do, attempt to gain control of Fort Worth and Tarrant County by filling political positions with people who will owe favors to him, and to the democrat party.
The facts are Marty Leonard and Jim Lane have been on the TRWD Board for some 10 years, and vast improvements to access water and manage resources have been made in that 10 years. Mayor Betsy Price is a great Mayor, and Mike Moncrief was a good Mayor. Both have lead Fort Worth to prosperity in most areas of the city.
Mr. Bennett, OTOH, also tried to gain control of the TRWD back in 2013. when the other 3 board members were up for reelection. He got one candidate to win, Mary Kelleher, who has no engineering. business, or legal background. She is a school psychologist, a worthy background, but not a qualification to manage and plan a water district. If Mr. Bennett gets his two candidates onto the TRWD Board in this election, he will control the board. Have you noticed his two 2015 candidates have not listed any qualifications, except for "former president of the Tarrant County democrat party"?
After these last 6 years, I don't want any democrat running anything, much less than something that costs billions of dollars and affects millions of people.
The current make up of the TRWD Board is 2 engineers, 1 Lawyer, 1 small business owner (that understands water use and conservation because they are golf courses), and 1 school psychologist. Let's not put two more political hacks on the board.

Jon Perry said...

I'm a bright enough person to not vote for or exclude a person because of their party affiliation. The nepotism from the Grangers to the Olivers; the money spent on "flood control" which doesn't do anything and the $1 billion TRVP boondoggle is enough for me to vote for a piss drunk vagrant before I'd vote for the incumbents.