Friday, March 27, 2015

TRWD Propaganda Targeting Seniors With Evil Dallas Boogeyman Taking Over Fort Worth Scare Tactic

A couple days ago I blogged a blogging titled Why Is The TRWD's Jim Lane Afraid Of An Evil Dallas Businessman's Imaginary Plot To Control An Imaginary Island? in which I made mention of the fact that so far my mailbox had been free of any TRWD election propaganda of the sort that arrived frequently in my mailbox during the last TRWD board election.

In that blogging from a couple days ago the main point had to do with a TRWD board member, currently trying to get re-elected, Jim Lane's, embarrassing quote about an evil Dallas businessman, Monty Bennett, trying to take over the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle and Fort Worth's water supply.

I opined about that by saying, in part, "....are these ethically challenged miscreants actually going to trot out the Dallas Businessman Boogey Man again like they did the last election? Spewing stupid propaganda claiming that an evil Dallas puppeteer, Monty Bennett, was behind a nefarious plot to take over the TRWD."

Well, little did I know, til yesterday, that even as I was typing the above the ethically challenged miscreants had already trotted out their patented evil Dallas businessman propaganda, targeting senior citizens, because, I  assume they vote and are easily scared by an imaginary evil Dallas businessman, who the TRWD propaganda team always fails to mention also owns businesses in downtown Fort Worth in the form of two hotels, the Hilton and the Ashton.

I learned yesterday that the ethically challenged miscreants are actually using this same bogus "scare" tactic via email from Elsie Hotpepper's Great Aunt, Hannah Hotpepper. Elsie Hotpepper's Great Aunt Hannah was married to a Dallas businessman, so she has no great fear of that particular evil.

Aunt Hannah Hotpepper sent me two versions of this evil TRWD mailing, both with the same verbiage, but one signed as if written by Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price with the other signed as if written by Betsy's predecessor, Chesapeake Energy puppet, Mike Moncrief.

It was in second paragraph of this message from two of Fort Worth's best known senior citizens, Betsy and Mike, that I gleaned that this propaganda was being targeted at seniors who I assume the TRWD propaganda-izers assume are easily duped.

The first sentence of that second paragraph...

"As a senior voter, you can vote early by mail for the upcoming May 9th Tarrant Regional Water Board election."

It is in the first paragraph that the specter of the evil Dallas businessman boogeyman is raised...

"Please don't take our local water for granted.  A Dallas businessman is trying to take over our local water board. Don't be deceived by his false attacks against Tarrant Regional Water District. The truth is we have the best water board in Texas."

How many propaganda lies can you spot in the above paragraph? I count three.

And then there's the final paragraph of this fervent plea from Betsy and Mike...

"Unlike other areas of Texas, our water board has planned ahead and secured water for our present and future needs. That's why I'm asking you to join with me in supporting the re-election of our hardworking water board members Marty Leonard and Jim Lane."

Planned ahead to secure water for present and future needs? You mean like when the TRWD board spent millions on a futile, stupid lawsuit trying to take water from Oklahoma? How many millions did the TRWD spend to rescue a bankrupt friend of Jim Lane's, which ended up resulting in the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century?

Has the Coyote Drive-in gone out of business yet?

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Captain Obvious said...

I'm sure that none of the loyal opposition saw this coming. The Bryan Eppstein group practically wrote the book on going negative early.

I wonder if elderly voters would be interested in the photos of JD Granger & Matt Oliver having children hold signs about beer and butts. Perhaps the old folks would like that.

So it goes.