Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fort Worth Weekly Does Not Know I Am A Foe Of The TWRD

A couple weeks ago when I blogged The Formidable Gayle Reaves Fired From Fort Worth Weekly it did not cross my mind to think that the absence of Fort Worth Weekly's Editor-in-Chief would so quickly cause a noticeable deterioration in the usually impeccable editing in Fort Worth Weekly.

And then I picked up this week's Fort Worth Weekly, looked at the cover and saw that which you see here....


I really do not think TWRD would have gotten past the eagle eyes of Ms. Reaves.

It was the other part of the cover article's title which had me more intrigued than the unfortunate typo.

"Has the Tarrant Regional Water District met its match?"

Which of the TWRD's, I mean, TRWD's many foes is this article gonna be talking about, I thought to myself.

Elsie Hotpepper? Mary Kelleher? Layla Caraway? Monty Bennett? Me?

Well, we can rule me out. Only me and two other people know I'm a foe of the TRWD.

I have not yet read the article in its entirety, just enough to get the gist, and to realize it is sort of a myriad of  FOES v. the TRWD.

I was afraid this article was going to be sickening, with Fort Worth Weekly having succumbed to the bizarre TRWD party-line kool-aid that the Star-Telegram drinks and hop on the Kill the Evil Dallas Businessman (before he steals our precious Fort Worth water} Bandwagon.

I would direct you to a link to this week's Fort Worth Weekly cover article, but I have been told that that link does not yet exist. Apparently ever since the departure of Gayle Reaves updating the FW Weekly website has become a bit tardy.

But, I have to say, ever since the departure of Gayle Reaves, FW Weekly has been showing up by noon on Wednesday at my regular Albertsons source, rather than a day late.

I have no idea if there is any connection between timely FW Weekly arrivals and the Reaves departure. I suspect not....

UPDATE: I have now read the Fort Worth Weekly FOES V. TWRD article. Simply put, I do not think this article would have made it to print under Gayle Reaves' editorial eye without extensive editing.


Anonymous said...

Another law firm working for TRWD, handling all the property (snatching) acquisitions for the TRV is Pope, Hardwicke, Christie, Schell, Kelly & Ray, L.L.P.
Then there is this...
TRWD Community and Government Relations Director. Linda Christie.
Any names match up there?

Anonymous said...

Maddening is the word I would use to describe my reaction Steve Miller's excuse making for the TRWD. Milller cites multiple examples of TRWD nepotism, including details of how much the nepots are paid. And then dismisses the nepotism as being a tough crime to prove. Miller cites multiple examples of TRWD stonewalling open records requests. And then excuses the TRWD by suggesting they dance a fine line of not quite breaking the law. Miller mirrors the Star-Telegram in his take on the Dallas hotelier, Monty Bennett's nefarious scheme to take over the water board. Miller pretty much makes Mary Kelleher out to be a Bennett puppet. The TRWD board's ethical shortcomings are not a shade of gray type confusion of the sort picture Miller paints.

Anonymous said...

So it goes with Lawyers in Love! Jackson Brown tried to express that particular joy, but alas, there was a Christie vs. Christie a few years ago. Don't know if that was before or after they were in service to the Overlord.