Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Formidable Gayle Reaves Fired From Fort Worth Weekly

That is Gayle Reaves you are looking at here, with her arms crossed.

This morning I got a text message telling me that Gayle Reaves had been fired from Fort Worth Weekly.

Soon thereafter I shared this information with another FW Weekly reader who asked me "How could she get fired, I thought she was the publisher."

No, it was the publisher who fired her, Gayle Reaves was like the Perry White of FW Weekly, the editor-in-chief.

I have never met Gayle Reaves. However I have been in her presence. At a forum type deal at which she was one of a panel of journalists asking questions of some players in the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

Except for J.D. Granger. He chickened out, after agreeing to appear. I suspect he chickened out due to fear of being asked probing questions by Gayle Reaves.

It did not take me long observing Gayle Reaves to ascertain that she was a bit formidable. She sort of came across to me as a tall version of Hettie from NCIS: Los Angeles, combined with Meryl Streep from The Devil Wears Prada, with maybe a little bit of Hillary Clinton mixed in.

Upon my arrival in Texas, and soon thereafter figuring out something was not quite right with the cheerleading, distorting, chamber of commerce propaganda, lackey way the Fort Worth Star-Telegram covered much of what happens locally, I quickly learned that it was Fort Worth Weekly which covered issues and stories which needed to be told, for the most part, which the Star-Telegram ignored.

I imagine being the real newspaper of record for Fort Worth is a bit challenging for Fort Worth Weekly, wanting to expose wrongdoing and dirty deeds, but at the same time having to be careful not to annoy advertisers.

Anyway, I suspect Gayle Reaves will be moving on to a greener pasture somewhere soon.

We probably should have some sort of city-wide Goodbye & Thank You Party. Maybe this upcoming Friday. Somewhere on the imaginary Panther Island perhaps.

Or maybe in that classy Panther Island Pavilion Shack where the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle holds beer parties....

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