Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Comment From A TRWD Progaganda Shill Has Me Feeling Chesapeake Energy Deja Vu

A blog comment arrived today commenting on a blogging from way back in February, which, when I read it, had me thinking this feels like deja vu, all over again.

First the blog comment and then what had me thinking deja vu, all over again....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Tarrant Regional Water District Corruption: The Website": 

You might want to dig a little more on this campaign. I find it odd that the other two candidates running (Luckner/Bickley) are receiving very generous amounts of money from a business man in Dallas named Monty Bennett who has sued the board 7 times costing us (taxpayers) millions of dollars, all because he does not want piping to cross his ranch. Sounds like if Luckner and Bickley win, this business man will control the water board since he also funded Kelleher in the last election. Sounds like Monty Bennett is buying politicians to me.

Something about the ham-handed verbiage in this comment seemed familiar to me. And then I remembered back early in the Chesapeake Energy invasion of the Barnett Shale if I blogged about some Chesapeake bad behavior I would see my stats light up from Oklahoma City, followed by ham-handed propaganda attacking my antiquated Archie Bunker type horse and buggy thinking.

Or something like  that.

I recollect I started referring to the senders as Chesapeake shills when re-posting some of the more memorable pieces of propaganda. And then, at some point in time, Texas Sharon informed me that everyone who was talking about Chesapeake's bad deeds was getting the same boiler plate spewage from the Chesapeake shills.

After Chesapeake realized its propaganda was backfiring on them and that it made them appear foolish, as well as ham-handed, it ceased.

At the peak of its Barnett Shale domination Chesapeake Energy basically controlled Fort Worth's city government, with Mayor Mike Moncrief acting as their stooge, a role he is now playing for the TRWD incumbents.

How ironic, these few short years later, that those who found fault with Chesapeake's bad behavior turned out to be right, with Chesapeake ending up being sued all over the Barnett Shale, including sued by D/FW Airport, the City of Fort Worth and many others of those who early on signed on to the Chesapeake invasion, such as the Bass brothers.

Am I remembering correctly when thinking that the same public relations firm that ran the shady Chesapeake Energy propaganda operation are the same shady operators who ran the propaganda operation for the TRWD incumbents the last election?

Is that why this blog comment about Monty Bennett, the evil Dallas businessman, seems so familiar to me?

Regarding that Anonymous comment....

Anonymous suggests I dig a little more on this campaign. Anonymous must not actually read my blog or Anonymous would know I am totally aware of who Monty Bennett is and that I think it is yet one more telling sign of the corruption of much of what the TRWD board does that this propaganda is being spewed over and over and over again.

How dare Monty Bennett use whatever resources he has at his disposal to defend his land. Where does he think he lives? In America? The land of the free? Where one has the right to protect ones property?

Monty Bennett has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars?

The TRWD board would not have had to defend itself if it had worked with Monty Bennett in an aboveboard, honest and transparent manner.

This Anonymous comment maker must not be aware of the millions of taxpayer dollars the TRWD board wasted in a fruitless attempt to sue Oklahoma to get access to Oklahoma water.

This Anonymous comment maker must not be aware of the millions of taxpayer's dollars TRWD incumbent, Jim Lane, finagled to funnel to a bankrupt friend who gave up some land worth something like $9 million, in exchange for a rescue from bankruptcy for a sum about twice that amount. With that land then used, in part, for the location of the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century.

The TRWD incumbents, in using their attack the evil Dallas businessman tactic, over and over again, seem to me to indicate desperation. They can not address the real issues which have voters aggravated, so they raise the specter of a Dallas boogeyman engaged in an imaginary plot to control the TRWD board.

It is the bad behavior of the TRWD board which has gotten them frying on the sizzling HOT seat. Being on that sizzling HOT seat has nothing to do with a Texas businessman trying to protect his East Texas ranch.

And one more thing, you Anonymous TRWD shills, it is Von Luckner, Michele Von Luckner. At least get that right.....

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Anonymous said...

Check out the horrible photo editing around the heads of Mayor Betsy & Mayor Mike. Photochop indeed.