Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tarrant Regional Water District Corruption: The Website

Yesterday, on Facebook, I was told, more than once, that I needed to like someone named Michele Von Luckner.

It was via one of the like messages that I could tell why I was being told to like Michele Von Luckner...

"Newly announced anti-establishment TRWD candidate! Please like her page. You'll want to meet this lady! Put her next to Mary Kelleher!"

I do not know Michele Von Luckner, but, since I always do what I am told to do, I hit the "like" button.

After I liked Michele Von Luckner I checked out her Facebook page where I found a link to a Tarrant Regional Water District Corruption website, part of which you see screencapped above.

Til yesterday I was unaware of the existence of a website dedicated to the blatant corruption of the TRWD.

The TRWD board election is fast upon us, this coming May. This time it is Jim Lane and Marty Leonard being the TRWD incumbents up for re-election.

The main corruption accusation, that I am aware of, regarding Jim Lane has to do with #4, that you see above, that being "Friends with Benefits".

Jim Lane engineered funneling millions of dollars to a bankrupt friend, with the TRWD paying top dollar for a chunk of land on which the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century was built.

I don't know anything corrupt about Marty Leonard. She seems to me to be a nice lady who is on the TRWD board as some sort of hobby.

So, currently, as far as I know, we have two candidates hoping to replace Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, the aforementioned Michele Von Luckner and the not aforementioned Craig Bickley.

If the Luckner/Bickley tickets wins, joining Mary Kelleher, that would give the good guys a majority on the TRWD board.

A majority of good guys on the TRWD  board would likely have all sorts of interesting ramifications.

It will also be interesting to see what lengths the existing TRWD board will go to, this time, propaganda-wise, slick mailed campaign advertisements-wise, what with the existing TRWD board having a lot to lose should the good guys take over.

I can think of a TRWD associated person or two who would likely feel a bit uncertain about their job security should the Kelleher/Von Luckner/Bickley triumvirate triumph in May......


Anonymous said...

You might want to dig a little more on this campaign. I find it odd that the other two candidates running ( Luckner/Bickley)are receiving very generous amounts of money from a business man in Dallas named Monty Bennett who has sued the board 7 times costing us (taxpayers) millions of dollars, all because he does not want piping to cross his ranch. Sounds like if Luckner and Bickley win, this business man will control the water board since he also funded Kelleher in the last election. Sounds like Monty Bennet is buying politicians to me.

Anonymous said...

I hope the other candidates are better than Mrs Michele Von Luckner and Mr Craig Bickley. Just to give you a little background...I have tried to cut back on the flood of telemarketing calls I have been getting, I have signed up on every "do not call" list there is (Local, State and National). But guess what happened today? Yep, Mr Bickley and Mrs Von Luckner are using telemarketers to bother people at home. Apparently, they feel their need to get people to vote for them is more important than my wish for a quiet night at home. When I contacted Mrs Von Luckner she seemed to think it was my fault and that she had no idea who in her campaign could be hiring the telemarketers or how they got my number. I asked for the person in her campaign who was in charge of the telemarketing and either she didn't know who that person was, or choose to lie and say she didn't know. I don't know who the incumbents or other candidates are in this election, but considering the tactics these two wish to employ against the voters of this area, my vote will be for anyone but them.