Monday, January 6, 2014

Hiking The Frozen Tandy Hills Finding A Vandalized Hoodoo While Elsie Hotpepper Shivers

In the picture you are standing on the Tandy Escarpment, above Tandy Falls, looking at a frozen Lake Tandy, on this extremely cold First Monday of 2014.

Tandy Falls is currently being Dry Tandy Falls, so I did not get to see the frozen waterfall I was hoping to find today.

Today I was also distressed to discover that the Tandy Hills Hoodoo that I found resurrected on Saturday has once again been destroyed.

Why does this cycle of Hoodoo violence continue on the Tandy Hills?

The air was heated to around 20 degrees when I parked myself on the summit of Mount Tandy. A semi-strong breeze was blowing, adding to the chill. I had six layers on my upper half, plus a ski mask and two pairs of gloves. My lower half only had long pants with no underlying long johns. I was a bit cold til I ran myself up the hill that leads west from Tandy Falls to the currently destroyed Tandy Hills Hoodoo.

By the time I got to the top of that first hill, from that point on, I had myself a mighty fine time hiking the Tandy Hills on the coldest day I have ever done this particular activity.

I just remembered that somewhere in this abode I have the outerwear one wears when one goes skiing, as in insulated pants and a ski jacket. I'm thinking these would prove to be a bit too warm for doing frigid Tandy Hills hiking., but I think I should locate my ski-wear anyway, what with reports of power outages, such outerwear might be useful.

Being prepared for no electricity crossed my mind a minute or two ago after reading an incoming email from Elsie Hotpepper in which she informed me she is currently shivering in an un-heated space that is barely 50 degrees.

I currently do not know why Elsie Hotpepper is currently stuck in an un-heated space. Did the power go out?

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