Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Tandy Hills Hoodoo Has Been Resurrected

For the first time in a week, and the first time in 2014, the Tandy Hills were my hiking location this first Saturday of the New Year, prior to my regularly scheduled weekly treasure hunting visit to Town Talk.

Supposedly, tomorrow, frigid air of the sub-freezing sort returns to North Texas. Today the outer world is currently heated to 64 degrees at my location.

The balmy temperature had me back in shorts and t-shirt with the speedy hiking creating an additional warming sensation.

Today I was very pleased to discover that the Tandy Hills Hoodoo has been resurrected in all its precarious, rocky, balancing glory.

Tandy Hills Hoodoo II appears to be a bigger formation than its original iteration.

We'll see how long Tandy Hills Hoodoo II lasts before falling victim to rogue Mormon boy scouts.

The conditions on the Tandy Hills are currently just about perfect, as in perfect weather, trails in good shape. Yet, I saw no other hikers today. Very perplexing.

I got my biggest supply of rabbit food yet, at Town Talk, today. Two cases of Fresh Express salad. A case of Spring Mix and a Baby Spinach case. I also got tomatoes, cauliflower and a case of apple cinnamon Power yogurt. And other stuff I am currently not remembering.

What I am remembering, right now, is the lunch gong just sounded and I am hungry....

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