Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Frigid Happy New Year From Texas Without Manly Men & Wild Women Hiking

The temperature was a degree or two above freezing when I went for my first hydrotherapy session of the New Year of 2014, this morning.

Almost freezing, hence the combo hot tub and steam bath hydrotherapy.

(Miss Julie, please note my correct use of the hence word, thus proving I am teachable...)

This morning, on the Tandy Hills, the 5th Annual Manly Men & Wild Women Hike the Hills event is underway.

I attended the inaugural Manly Men & Wild Women Hike. I quickly found out I was not manly enough to keep up with the hiking speed demons who attend this event.

The Queen of Wink and Princess Annie were a Wild Woman (and Girl) at that first Manly Men & Wild Women Hike.

The Queen of Wink and Princess Annie were also quickly exhausted by the brisk pace, and so we discreetly absented ourselves from the grueling hiking to go on a much more slow paced drive around the D/FW Metroplex, eventually ending up at a Sweet Tomatoes in Arlington.

I am appalled that it is 5 years since I hiked the hills with the Queen of Wink and Princess Annie.

Time really does fly when you are having yourself a really fine time. I guess.

For 2014 I have no New Year's Resolutions of any novel sort. Just the regular type New Year's Resolutions, like lose 20 or 30 pounds, hoping the weight loss might rid me of those man boobs you see above, floating in the hot tub.

If I was not so overweight, carrying so much extra adipose tissue, I might have considered driving to the Tandy Hills this morning to go on the Manly Men & Wild Women Hike, with some hope that I might be able to keep up with the brisk pace....


Prairiepaintbrush said...

Sir Durango, I am impressed and happy. I also received an invitation to the hike, but early morning activities are not my thing unless I am paid to do them. I like watching flowery floats and drinking coffee better.

Durango said...

I am pleased you are impressed and happy, Miss Julie, hence I am also happy....