Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Predicted Rare July Meteorological Event Has Arrived In Texas With Rain & Cold Air

In the picture you might guess you are looking at a dark, drippy, mid-winter patio view of my pool.

You would be guessing wrong about the mid-winter part.

However, you'd be guessing right about the picture being a dark, drippy patio view of my pool.

In mid-July.

The weather predictor's prediction of a rare meteorological event arrived earlier than I thought was predicted.

As in, this morning whilst swimming I was pummeled by what seemed like thousands of cold raindrops.

The predicted rare cold front has arrived. With the outer world not even being heated into the 70s. In other words the outer world is way colder than I cool my inner world with artificial climate control.

Walking into the pool this morning, with the air being in severe BRRRRR mode, the pool felt like getting in a warm bath. Sort of both pleasant and unpleasant at the same time, with the being pleasant part helped by all the incoming cooling raindrops.

I do not ever remember having my windows open in July during all my years in Texas. Having said that, I must admit I have a terrible memory.

As you can see, via the recent data graphic from my computer based weather monitoring device, currently the rain is falling in light mode, having slowed up from the heavy mode which pummeled me whilst I was swimming.

It  has been such a long time since a heavy duty storm dropped water and lightning bolts at my location I have sort of forgotten what that is like. Another example of my bad memory. I suspect before this day is over my storm memory will be refreshed.

In the meantime, what with the outer world being all wet, I suspect my only endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation for the day will be that already acquired.


Steve A said...

What happened to Global warming?

CatsPaw said...

I am thoroughly enjoying the outer world cooling as it is actually allowing the inner world cooling to work as it should today.

Durango said...

Steve A & CatsPaw, this Sunday in North Texas is being like a warm, rainy, summer day in the Great Pacific Northwest. Steve A knows this from personal experience.

CatsPaw said...

It has been not unlike a warm, rainy, summer day in Michigan as well. A day when there aren't deluges spiked with thunder and lightning - very pleasant. I played out in the rain when I was a kid - it didn't keep us indoors. I can probably count the days on two hands here when my son was small that he could safely play in the rain. Love it.