Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spencer Jack's Favorite Girlfriend Brittney's Photos From Tacoma's Wedding Of The Century

It appears I am being emailed photos from Tacoma, this Saturday night, from the location of Tacoma's Wedding of the Century, that being Point Defiance Park.

The incoming photos have come in from Spencer Jack's favorite girl friend, Brittney.

My mom called me, with about 2 hours to go before the Wedding of the Century, to ask when I might be expected to make my surprise appearance.

In the photo you are looking at Spencer Jack's Uncle, he being my favorite Nephew Joey, on the left.

In the middle you are looking at my favorite Nephew Christopher, aka, CJ.

Christopher is the eldest son of my sister who lives in Arizona. I think Christopher is Spencer Jack's cousin, but I may be wrong about that. These type things confuse me.

I must say, Christopher has lost a lot of weight since I last saw him, in March of 2012. At that point in time CJ was proudly admitting to being 280 pounds big. I remember poking his pregnant belly and diagnosing that he was sporting a big tumor.

To the right of CJ you are looking at Spencer Jack's dad,  my favorite Nephew Jason.

So, where is Spencer Jack in this wedding party?

Spencer Jack is in Point Defiance Park, in Tacoma, looking at the Vashon Island Ferry.

According to my time zone calculations, the Wedding of the Century should now be history. I suspect I shall be receiving video and photo confirmation soon....

UPDATE: This morning I found two more photos in my incoming email of last night's Wedding in Tacoma. So far, no video.

There appear to be three people missing in the above photo. One being me, with another being my favorite brother-in-law and the third being my favorite nephew, Jeremy.

I don't quite know what to make of the picture below, except for the fact that that is Spencer Jack on the left and his favorite girl friend, Brittney, on the right.


Anonymous said...

It appears that CJ is being accompanied by two highly trained Secret Service agents.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan. I think the posts here and at the Star Telegraph are beacons of truth and should be read by all.
Something I think about a lot lately... Why do we live here?
You are from one of the most beautiful spots on the continent. I keep seeing these other lovely places around the globe. Places that are green... have abundant water...
have progressive policies... a well informed populace...
Yet, here we are. And we struggle to inform and enlighten those who are ignorant of the tyranny of local rule.
Some here have spent a lifetime tilting at these windmills, with few, if any, victories.
Why not find peace and a bit of green and wet?
A recent opinion piece stated that FW is a place where "A river runs through..." . Well, a river gets dammed up at either end of town and sits there until a rain storm flushes it out. The author of this piece is a tool.
We have an elite ruling class who are not qualified to make policy. Yet they concoct and justify the projects that will benefit themselves and their pals, often without voter approval, or with an agenda buried deep with a bond package that masks their true intent.
Why do we live here? Why do we let these local bullies give us knots in our gut. It can't be good for us.
Somewhere it is green and wet with clean air. Even if such a place is ruled by the same sort of cabal, would that not be a better way of life?