Thursday, July 25, 2013

Biking To A Gateway Park Cliff Above The Trinity River Trying To Get Elsie Hotpepper To Go Floating With Me

Those are my handlebars looking over a cliff at the Trinity River in Gateway Park.

Today was my first time back on the Gateway Park mountain bike trail since recent rains muddied dirt trails in my neighborhood.

The only excitement on the mountain bike trail today, other than pedaling fast, came from a way too close encounter with a squirrely squirrel.

Doesn't the soothing green water of the Trinity River look inviting?

Later today 100s of water lovers will be floating on inner tubes in the Trinity River, at the north end of downtown Fort Worth, where the Clear and West forks of the Trinity River become one. And where a magical island has popped out of nowhere, along with a pavilion, that has propelled Fort Worth to its rightful status of having the leading waterfront music venue in the world.

I may be hyperbolizing. The actual fact may be that this is the leading, I mean, only waterfront music venue in Texas.

I may still be hyperbolizing. Maybe the actual fact is that this may be the only waterfront music venue in Fort Worth.

I think I've blogged about the hubris involved in the inflated claims attached to that which is called Panther Island Pavilion and the Rockin' the River Inner Tube Happy Hour Floats. I'll see if I can find those bloggings.

Easy to find one of the bloggings. Titled The Propaganda Panther Rocks Tonight With J.D. Granger's Big Dose Of Hubris.

I can't find the blogging where I quoted  J.D. Granger making the claim that the Panther Island Pavilion Music Venue is the only urban waterfront music venue in Texas.

I also have not been able to get Elsie Hotpepper to agree to go to downtown Fort Worth with me this evening to go float on inner tubes in the Trinity River for an hour of being happy whilst drinking Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Beer that only costs $3 a bottle....


Steve A said...

All your FW graft reminds me of - Ocean Shores!

Durango said...

Steve A, that OS version of FW corruption is very amusing. Must send this link to some locals....