Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Tex & T-Rex Should Not Ride The Range Together In Texas Textbooks

I saw the above, on Facebook, a couple minutes ago, brought to my eyes by one of my favorite Facebookers, Pete Charlton.

Apparently Cretinist Creationists are somehow threatening to bastardize Texas textbooks with goofy nonsense.

A Texas entity called the Texas Freedom Network is working to stop this latest Texas idiocy infection by having people "sign" an online petition to send the following message to the Texas State Board of Education---

Texas students need classroom materials that are based on modern, mainstream science and prepare them to succeed in college and the jobs of the future. That means politicians must stop trying to undermine instruction on evolution and climate change. The State Board of Education must approve science textbooks that are based on sound, peer-reviewed scholarship.

The aforementioned Pete Charlton summed it up really well on Facebook...

The Texas State Board of Education has begun the process of adopting new science textbooks. If we let the far right have its way, Big Tex and T-Rex will ride together into those books.

The Creationist attitude is beyond arrogance. When, without a shred of proof a idea that is clearly ridiculous is imposed on others, then that is a raw and vicious use of power. 

It is certainly alright for an individual or individuals to want to believe something is true no matter how unlikely it may be. Everyone is entitled to their own illusions and dementia. 

It's another matter to try to impose those delusions on others and boldly claim their is any rational basis for those silly ideas.

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The fundies tonight
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Deep in the heart of Texas.

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