Monday, January 28, 2013

There Are Currently No Plans To Add A Mountain To The Trinity River Vision

No, that is not an artist's rendering of what Pond Granger will look like if Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision ever becomes something someone will be able to look at.

The body of water, in the picture is Lake Tapp. That big white thing in the background is a volcano known as Mount Rainier.

Sampson of Sampson & Delilah had this picture on Facebook this morning. Sampson is having a bit of a bout of SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder) due to the lack of sun currently having Western Washington way too gray.

That is not a boat you are looking at in the water. It is a giant inner tube being towed by a motorboat piloted by Sampson & Delilah.

The mention of an inner tube brings me back to the Trinity River Vision.

The TRV vision has been trying to get clear for well over a decade now.

I would think that with this flood control project so vitally important in protecting downtown Fort Worth from the type flood that it is already protected from, that there would be more urgency with this project, with more evidence of progress, besides a lot of signage, Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats and property taken by abusing eminent domain.

Well, there is the very important Cowtown Wakepark, it being the world's premiere urban wakeboarding venue, and a humongous financial success, drawing wakeboarders from around the world to experience this world class experience.

I suspect that the Cowtown Wakepark is likely a good indicator of the quality of whatever the Trinity River Vision eventually becomes.

Will Pond Granger be big enough that motorboats could tow inner tubes like what happens on Lake Tapp?

On Wednesday I was watching Top Chef: Seattle. A ferry boat floated by whilst the judges were sitting outside judging fried chicken. All the water scenes seen on Top Chef: Seattle show a lot of boats, sail boats, ferry boats, cruise ships, container ships, dozens upon dozens of boats.

What will be floating on Fort Worth's artificial water feature if Pond Granger ever comes to be? A lot of inner tubes? I doubt there will be any ferry boats taking cars and walk-ons from one side of Pond Granger to the other.  I am almost 100% certain there will be no cruise ships docking on Pond Granger.

I don't think I've ever read a good explanation as to what the exact purpose is to create Pond Granger at the currently perfectly scenic confluence of the West and Clear Forks of the Trinity River.

To me it seems a town either has a working waterfront. Or it doesn't. Creating a small artificial waterfront seems sort of goofy.

I guess the vision could be even goofier.

Currently I know of no plans to build a fake mountain to give Fort Worth some artificial mountain scenery....


Steve A said...

Unfortunately, Bearfire Resort died with the real estate bust. Their website is all that remains.

Holt says... said...

The purpose is a casino.

Durango said...

Holt? The purpose of the TRV's Pond Granger is to build a casino?

Steve A, I forgot about that defunct Bearfire Resort project. Maybe it could be revived by the Trinity River Vision and built next to the Cowtown Wakepark.