Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Late Arrival Of Tuesday's Predicted Major Storming At My Location In North Texas

Stormy Village Creek Blue Bayou
The weather predictors were predicting that around 1 this afternoon some major storming would descend upon my zone of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

In addition to very strong winds, the major storming was predicted to possibly include large hail, lightning and tornado action.

I was a bit dubious about getting in any salubrious outdoor endorphin stimulating aerobic activity, but decided a short, fast walk with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area was doable.

I experienced a little drippage whilst walking. And then it was on to Walmart where suddenly a downpour was pouring down about the time I turned the ignition key to off. This downpour did not last long. It was well over with, a few minutes later, when I exited Walmart.

I am now well past a couple hours from the time when major storming was scheduled to arrive. Of the predicted weather calamity, only wind has so far made an appearance. And a little rain. No thunderstorming.

However, as I sit here typing the outer world has grown dark, water drops are now being blown against my computer room window.

This is suddenly way too strange.

Seconds ago I typed there had been no thunderstorming.

And now I've seen a very bright flash and heard a very loud boom.

I suspect the major storming may have arrived.

I must go batten down the hatches now...


cd0103 said...

Not much going on here. Rain, some thunder, little wind. Nothing scary. (Cultural District)

Durango said...

Miss Connie, aka cd0103, I think it may be heading your way. I'm still hearing loud booms. Have gone from very windy to pretty much dead calm.