Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spencer Jack Has The Flu Which Has Me Thinking About Spencer's Great Great Grandma Vera

Bad news from Spencer Jack's dad, he being my Favorite Nephew Jason, telling me that Spencer has come down with a bad bout of the flu. The flu is hardest on little kids and elderly people, such as myself.

This is what FN Jason had to say....

Your favorite Great Nephew Spencer Jack has fallen victim to this year's flu bug. The little guy was quite cold, despite sporting a high fever all night. I had to dig out one of Grandma Vera's hand made blankets. I kept two of these one of a kind knittings. I believe FN Joe still has some of her stocking caps that he uses for wintertime fishing.  

Grandma Vera was my mom's mom.

Grandma had really bad arthritis as long as I can remember, resulting in gnarled hands that were very painful. Keeping busy with her hands kept the arthritis partially at bay. So, Grandma Vera was a crocheting machine, churning out big afghans and knitted caps, among other things.

Grandma would see a hatless kid walking by on a snowy, cold Lynden, Washington winter day and go give the kid one of her knitted caps. This eventually had Grandma's signature knitted caps on a lot of Lynden kid's heads.

A couple weeks ago, during our first Texas cold snap of the year, I went exploring in my walk-in closet to find my stash of Grandma Vera knitted caps. I found 4 of them.

I did not have to go hunting to find my Grandma Vera afghans. I have 4 of them, stored in another closet, until I need one, like the one you see via the picture, currently on the bed in my slumber chamber.

Grandma Vera would be so pleased to know her legacy of yarn products lives on, covering Spencer Jack, born 4 or 5 years after his Great Great Grandma Vera died at age, if I remember right, 94.

I last saw Grandma Vera in 2002, if I remember right. I don't remember why the aforementioned FN Joey and I were up in Bellingham, but we were, so we stopped in for a visit with Grandma Vera in her 3rd floor apartment in her assisted living place.

When we left, on the way back to the parking lot, Joey told me Grandma would be at her window waving at us. And so she was. This was the last time I ever saw my Grandma Vera.

I just got hit with a very rare wave of feeling very sad.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet story, Durango. I bet you made your Grandma Vera very happy when she knew you.