Monday, January 14, 2013

Prosecuting George W. Bush For Murder With Glimpses Into A Time Of Can't

It took me awhile to make my way through it, but I finally finished Vincent Bugliosi's THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER.

I believe this to be the most unsettling, troubling, eye-opening, disturbing, upsetting book I have ever read.

Methinks every American who is able to read should read this book.

Bugliosi divides THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER into 3 parts.

Part I has Chapter 1: Opening Up One's Eyes and Chapter 2: Why George Bush Went to War.

Part II has Chapter 3: Prologue to the Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder and Chapter 4: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.

Part III has Chapter 5: Bush "Couldn't Possibly" Have Been Any Worse in Handling the War on Terrorism and Chapter 6: America, Up or Down?

Chapters 1 through 5 were troubling enough and then Chapter 6 added to the troubling, being all about the decline of America.

Speaking of the decline of America, on the very day I read the final chapter in Bugliosi's book, about America being up or down, Miss GG's favorite travel partner wrote a blogging on his Glimpses blog titled Into a Time of Can't that is sort of another version of what Vincent Bugliosi is saying in the Chapter 6: America, Up or Down? section of his book.

I guess this is one of those examples of great minds thinking alike.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'd say that either Bugliosi or I have great minds, but it does seem the sense of decline is widespread.

Wiki tells me that Bugliosi doesn't even own a computer. How quaint.

Stay warm,
Mr G G