Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dozens Of MLK Day Escalator Rides With Spencer Jack

When I woke up my computer this morning there was email from Spencer Jack's dad documenting, via video and photos, yesterday's MLK Day with Spencer Jack, his girl friend and his dad.

I'd heard from others that MLK Day was incredibly foggy in Western Washington, foggy and cold.

You can sort of tell it is foggy and cold in the picture of Spencer Jack and his dad in Jennings Park, in Marysville. Apparently Spencer Jack's dad had trouble finding Jennings Park. I am losing memory of Washington places. I can not remember how to get to Jennings Park, even though I went to that park with my nephews many times.

Below is the majority of the email from Spencer Jack's dad, along with video of one of Spencer Jack's dozens of MLK Day escalator rides....

FUDurango ---

Thanks for the recent blog posts of Spencer's use of my Great Grandma's blankets. I thought you'd enjoy seeing that.

Spencer's flu bug is nearly almost gone. But playing in the snow was probably not a good choice today. I'm glad. Cause playing in the snow is really not that fun, unless your a kid.

Instead, we took off on an adventure. Similar to those outings that you took myself and FNJoe on generations ago. With never a destination. Just with a plan to have fun. And we did!

Spencer and I, accompanied by shared girl friend Brittney headed south. My goal was the new Ferris Wheel on the Seattle Waterfront. We attempted it once, but the lines were too long for my 5 year old's attention span, so we bailed. And today, we failed to ride on the wheel. Never made it that far south.  But still had fun.

On our southern adventure today we pulled off of I-5 in Marysville.

Then off to Jennings Park.

But before such we passed a McDonald's across from a Fred Meyer on State Street that had a huge kid's 'playplace' so we pulled over and had ourselves lunch, while Spencer played with all the other school children who were not in school today because of MLK Day.

Then resumed the attempt to find Jennings Park in Marysville.

We were aided by my Google app on my Iphone, as I didn't quite remember where the park entrance was to be found. But once I we got there, all was the same, as I remembered when you took FNJoe with CJ and JR and myself there. Multiple times. That place is really cool. Fishing pond was under reconstruction. No big deal to us. We didn't bring our fishing poles. And the pond was nearly frozen over.

My Iphone, and close proximity bank clocks, concurred that by 2 pm in Marysville, the temperature dropped to a chilling 30 degrees. Spencer and I were fine, but our small little girl friend was freezing.

Pretty cold for us Western Washington folks. And unbelievable foggy. Some of the most dense fog I have ever seen here in Western Washington.

Spencer, myself and our girl friend had to run to keep warm.

We were forced to make a gas stop in downtown 'run down' Marysville.  If one was to take a short drive on State Street in Marysville to understand why one thinks the town is 'run down' well...just do such and I think you'll come to the same conclusion. Nothing but pawn shops and adult video stores and vacant shops. I thought I was in Reno, Nevada.

I was out voted because neither Spencer or our girl friend Brittney were interested in shopping in the pawn shops or adult video stores, so we furthered our venture south to Lynnwood.

Next venture: Toys-R-Us in Lynnwood. Great store. Hasn't changed a bit since you took me and FNJoe there years ago, except for the prices.

Had fun playing with all the toys.  

After Spencer realized that his dad was not at Toys-R-Us to purchase anything for him, Spencer Jack was eager to get across the street to the mall.

For obvious reasons.

He had been there before and knows that this mall sports 3 escalators. The Macy's, Nordstroms, and Sears shopping venues each have one. We were only privileged to enjoy those at Macy's (13 times) and Sears (4 times). The Nordstrom escalator will have to wait for another trip.

By then hunger stuck us. And our girl friend gets cranky if she doesn't get to indulge in late afternoon happy hour.  So we left the escalators for a beer or two and feeding.

We enjoyed dinner at the Lynnwood Red Robin courtesy of gift cards received from Einar & Doris's annual Xmas festivas.

Good day.

Just like an Uncle Durango Day I remember from years ago. Less the happy hour.

Thought you'd enjoy the story, and the photos.



CatsPaw said...

Good thing I'm a regular reader and know that "FU" stands for "Favorite Uncle" - otherwise, I'd be worried about that kid. ;>

Fun day!

Anonymous said...

Other than "fun uncle" what in the world could "FU" abbreviate?